Habitat Hutton ceiling pendant light in white and brassIntroducing the minimal, sophisticated white and brass Hutton ceiling light from Habitat.  Which has been on my lighting lust-have list for a while now due to its brilliantly affordable, everyday luxury credentials.

I love the asymmetrical simplicity of its lines and the angles of the white glass tubes.  This clever geometry adds graphic interest to this contemporary ceiling pendant as well as distributing the light in all directions.

Those discreet touches of brass stole my heart too.  (No surprise there).  It’s an elegant design and another example of the modern luxury that I’ve written about previously.  Added to which, it will work beautifully in many different positions around the house.

Habitat Hutton modern ceiling pendant light, triple drop LED contemporary ceiling light

I can particularly see it over a dining table, or in a kitchen.  But with the right ceiling height it could also be a fabulous statement in a hallway or on a landing.

 Hutton modern ceiling LED pendant light in brass and white over dining table

The architectural Hutton ceiling light was designed for Habitat by London-based product and furniture designer Aaron Probyn.

 Detail of brass and white Hutton modern ceiling pendant light

The trio of brass capped tubes, each containing a strip of LED lights, are arranged to offer a different perspective from every angle.  Fine brass rods then attach each tube to a simple brass ceiling rose for a timeless, elegant look.

Habitat contemporary lighting range As I said, I’ve had my beady eye on this keenly priced light fitting for a while, even though we have nowhere to put one right now.

That said,  I now see that it’s half-price in the Habitat lighting sale.  Which makes it even more alluring.  It’s so tempting to buy it and wait until an opportunity comes up to use it.  They say, don’t they, that you should buy things you love and then worry about finding a home for them?

This concept works brilliantly for a lot of items, but I’m not sure whether it applies to light fittings.  They’re very location-specific, and then there are the practical aspects to consider as well.

Ah well, looks like the Hutton ceiling light is another beautiful design for me to sigh over wistfully.  And hope that one of you lovely people will have a home for it.  Let me know if you do, won’t you?

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