Ashbourne Sofa by A Rum Fellow against dark blue wall
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About us

Colourful Beautiful Things is a showcase, blog and gallery for all things colourful and beautiful for your home.

We believe that colour, pattern, design and craftsmanship enrich day-to-day living in a multitude of ways. Colour has the power to alter our mood, change our outlook and make us smile, even on the greyest day.

Beautiful, well-crafted objects – even the smallest of everyday items – are a source of immense satisfaction and pleasure every time we look at, touch and use them. The greatest happiness is often to be found in the simplest things.

Creating a home that reflects our personal creativity and idea of beauty means we have a refuge where we can fully relax, and fully be ourselves.

Who we are




Helen Hunter: co-founder and colour, pattern and design lover

A love for colour, pattern, design and craftsmanship, plus a passion for interior design, travel and collecting, led Helen to create this showcase for her favourite finds.

Based in London, UK, Colourful Beautiful Things is an exploration and celebration of colour and pattern, beautifully made things and inspiring interior design in the contemporary home.

Ron Walls: co-founder, the technical expert that keeps this site up and running and looking so good, and also Helen’s husband

Ron’s idea of colourful beautiful things are a carbon framed road bike, a finely engineered piece of cycling kit and an elegant line of computer code. Or a comfortable leather armchair (post-training session) – ideally with matching footstool.

How we operate

All the work that we bring to you here on Colourful Beautiful Things are things that we love, that inspire and excite us, and that reflect our aesthetic. We want to share them, and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

We don’t sell anything from this site, but most items can be bought directly from the various artists, designers, makers, shops and galleries that we feature. We include links wherever possible so that you can get in touch with them quickly and easily.

We don’t ask for, or take, any payment from them to showcase their products on this site. Nor do we accept money to publish paid posts written by third parties for promotional purposes or to include back links.

Our support of independent artists, designers and makers is funded through collaborations with larger brands and retailers. We use affiliate banner adverts and contextual links which means that if you click through to the site of an affiliate partner we may receive a small commission on a purchase that you may make.

From time to time we may write a sponsored post, which will always be clearly marked as such.

We only ever feature and write about things that we truly love, and that we’re genuinely excited to share with you. For that reason we turn down many offers of collaborations and sponsorship that don’t fit with what we’re about. All views are always honest, and always our own.

For more information about our affiliate partners, or sponsorship and advertising opportunities with us, then please email us at

Blog courtesy

We are truly pleased when you love what we write and feature here on our website and blog. If you would like to share what you find here, then we are even more delighted. But we do ask that you do not copy or use our posts or layouts without crediting back to us, and also that you credit photographs to their original source, as we always endeavour to do.

We very much welcome comments and feedback, but reserve the right to moderate all comments received. We will remove any that we feel are inappropriate, contain offensive language or content, and that are irrelevant to the subject matter of the post or contain blatant self-promotional links or content.

Use of images

Many of the images on this website are not taken by ourselves. We endeavour to only use images either with permission or where we can credit the original source and/or photographer, either in the article we are writing, or in a caption. If we have used an image that belongs to you and you would like it removed then please contact us and we will do so as quickly as possible.