Small Space Living: contemporary furniture for small spaces

Having a small living space doesn’t mean having to go short on style.

We started writing about contemporary furniture for small spaces as a result of our personal searches for furniture for our own home.

Far and away our most popular posts, they obviously struck a chord with you as you look for the same thing.

The great news is that there’s been a quiet revolution going on.

More and more contemporary furniture is designed specifically with small rooms, compact homes and the realities of modern living in mind.  That goes for whether you live in a traditional  house, modern flat or period apartment block.

The result?

Clever, stylish, versatile furniture that works hard to multi-task, saves space and, above all, looks great.

Habitat Emil small dressing table with storage drawers and large round mirror in pale birch woodHabitat Emil dressing table with storage

Top 5 tips for buying furniture for small spaces

When choosing furniture for small spaces be sure to look out for these five essential design features. They create simple visual tricks to make your small living space look larger and airier.

Small living spaces can be stylish, comfortable and beautiful too – just follow the tips below

  1. Choose furniture with simple, clean lines to create an uncluttered look
  2. Opt for pieces with slim profiles and petite proportions: chunky shapes don’t work visually and take up precious physical space
  3. Look for designs that create an airy, open feel under, around and through them
  4. Include materials that create an illusion of space and reflect light such as glass, mirrored surfaces and metallics
  5. Search out pieces that are versatile and multifunctional and/or incorporate storage