Eos feather pendant light hung in dining alcove with tree wallpaperIt’s rare to find something different, rather than variations on a theme.  So the Eos feather pendant light (made from real feathers) stopped me in my tracks and really made me smile when I saw it at the 100% Design show in September.

The Eos ceiling pendant lamp shade is a wonderful way to get softness, delicacy and texture up high in a room.  Light fittings are so often made from materials such as metal, glass and plastic, so these feathery fittings really ring the changes.

Eos feather pendant lamp hung in white contemporary room with glass table and coloured Panton chairs

Playful, but still super-stylish and sophisticated, the Eos feather pendant light is a new product from Danish brand VITA and comes in two sizes.

The large version (45cm in diameter and 30cm in height) makes a real statement, and the smaller size (35cm x 20cm) is ideal for more compact spaces or to hang in clusters or rows.

The feathers are carefully fastened to a paper core by hand, and shield the light bulb almost entirely to produce a lovely soft glow.

It’s impossible to see this from the photos.  But the Eos light, with its incredibly delicate and oh-so-soft feathery texture, appears to float weightlessly in the air.  It really seems like a kind of optical illusion, and an utterly delightful one.

3 VITA Eos pendant lights hung in the window of a contemporary roomI have to admit that after immediately loving this unusual design, my next reaction was uncharacteristically practical.  How easy or not it would be to clean?

I asked one of the lovely people on the VITA stand about this, and we decided between us that maybe a feather duster (!) might be the most appropriate means.  However, I see that their website recommends that routine cleaning can be done with a hairdryer – problem solved.

Like all Vita lamp shades, the Eos feather ceiling light comes flat packed in a glossy black gift box.  And it’s available in the UK from Graham & Green, both instore and online.

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