Ferm Living Collect Lighting contemporary pendant light in dusty pink Indulge your inner lighting designer with the brilliant Collect Lighting range from Ferm Living.  A masterclass in understated Scandinavian design, Collect Lighting is a very simple proposition.  And lots of fun, too.

(These beautifully styled and shot images, BTW, don’t just showcase the Collect Lighting range.  As a bonus, they’re also a masterclass in how to work the current interiors colour trends.  So even if you’re not needing a new light, maybe you’ll find other inspiration for your home.  I certainly have).

Collect Lighting contemporary pendant lights by Ferm Living

But back to the lights.  And it really couldn’t be easier.  You simply pair your choices from 10 sockets and 14 shades to create your very own, very beautiful, contemporary pendant light.

How can something so simple be so beautiful?  Probably the Scandi design genes. It’s also utterly compulsive … try out the easy, interactive ‘Design your own light’ tool and see for yourself.

Collect Lighting: design your own contemporary pendant light

At first sight, the individual Collect Lighting elements may  appear a trifle plain.  However, put them together in one of the 400 possible combinations and you suddenly have a stunning light.

Ferm Living Collect Lighting contemporary pendant light in blush pink and brass with Ferm Living cushions

Collect Lighting contemporary pendant light in brass and blue in contemporary dining roomAs ever, Ferm Living are spot on trend with their choice of colours and materials for the Collect Lighting range.  Along with timeless Brass and Black, you’ll find neutral Pale Grey, Dark Green and inky Dark Blue, soft shades of Rose and Dusty Blue, and richly terrcotta-hued Red Brown.

Collect Lighting contemporary pendant light in opal glass and brass in pink living room Recent additions are the opal glass shades in two sizes – the round Sphere and the pill-shaped Tall opal shade, below.  (I’m coveting that pink sofa too – isn’t it lovely?  And how about the gorgeous wall/ceiling colour combination?).

Ferm Living Collect Lighting Tall Opal Shade and Brass Socket with pink sofa

Ferm Living Collect Lighting green and brass contemporary pendant lightThe genius of the Collect Lighting collection, aside from the obvious, is the simple design device of the small brass ring.

It’s part of the socket, and acts to separates the two elements.  Take that away and the whole just wouldn’t work the same at all.

Ferm Living Collect Lighting black and brass contemporary pendant lights hung over black dining tableThat fine sliver of gleaming brass allows you to put two elements of the same colour together and it will still look stunning.

Ferm Living Collect Lighting contemporary pendant light in blue and grey with brass trim And when you combine two different elements then the brass ring adds a sophisticated, finishing touch to your Scandi-style contemporary pendant light.

Ferm Living Collect Lighting sockets in group with bare bulbsOf course, you can also simply buy the socket and add a bulb to get the still popular bare bulb, minimal look.  Which lends itself to a grouping, of course … but then you’re back to deciding which combination to choose.  Oh dear, not so simple after all then.

Collect Lighting by Ferm Living black and grey contemporary pendant light over black dining tableStill, with the Ferm Living Collect Lighting range you’re absolutely guaranteed to create a  contemporary pendant light with bags of style.  I just don’t think you can go wrong.  Can you tell I’m smitten?  Have a go yourself, I think you may be too.

Images: Ferm Living

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