Orange, yellow and multicoloured collage art print by Rex RayGreen, blue, yellow and purple intricate collage work - Droplet 11 by Rex RayGiclee print of Droplet 05 in blues, by collage artist Rex RayPink and purple Droplet 03 giclee print by Rex Ray from

These jewel-bright, vibrant ‘Droplet’ giclee prints are part of the new range of Rex Ray designs available from Regular readers will know that I’m a huge (as in massive) fan of San Francisco-based artist Rex Ray’s work – I wrote about him previously here and here. His “retro-futuristic” collage art is, for me, the very essence of what we’re all about here at colourfulbeautifulthings – uplifting colour and fabulous pattern that makes you smile and brightens your day.

Pink, green and yellow Droplet pint by Rex RayThere is a whole collection of these gorgeous ‘Droplet’ prints – 16 in total – and they’re available in two sizes, 41 x 41 cm and 61 x 61 cm.  I have to confess, I bought nine of them last week, which are winging their way to me as I write.  I can’t wait to see them and whilst I don’t have space for all of them (quite) on the walls at home, I just had to buy them, and I know they’ll find a home, either with us or as gifts for other colour and pattern loving friends.

Purple, blue and pink collage art print by Rex Ray

They’re pretty gorgeous individually, but I think they’ll look really stunning in groups – I’ve already got a group of four of them in mind for our kitchen, and wish we had a larger space for an even bigger grouping.

Orange and yellow Droplet giclee print by Rex Ray

Do you have a favourite? Or, like me, would you have to buy several?!


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