What a lovely way to finish the week and ease into the weekend.  I find these handwoven textile artworks by Margo Selby incredibly calming and uplifting as well as bewitchingly beautiful.

We’ve written about Margo Selby, a pioneering contemporary textile designer, before (you can read the pieces here and here).  She’s best known for her colourful, patterned 3-D textiles that are used mainly for interiors, although she does use them for some clothing items too.

These woven wall panels are a relatively new departure, though, and I absolutely love them. (You can’t see me, but I’m doing my ‘happy, colour dance’).  The colour palettes are gorgeous and, along with the use of geometric pattern, still often produce a 3-D effect.

Some of the designs, like the ones above and below, look like flights of steps leading into some mysterious interior.  I find myself wanting to run up the stairs and dive into the picture she creates.  I feel absolutely sure there’ll be an equally colourful and beautiful interior waiting for me there.

Each piece is individually hand woven at Margo Selby’s Whitstable studio and, she says:

… explores the unity of colour and structure; how yarn can be blended, revealed and concealed in a textile to create modernist, abstract colour studies which celebrate woven textiles.

I like so much that the colour palettes are both grown-up and sophisticated, yet playful and sometimes pretty too.  The mix of calm neutrals and subdued shades teamed with blocks of dark grey or black, or sometimes pops of bright, bold colour, is so clever.

The piece above makes me think of being somewhere on the coast, and looking out of a window onto an ocean view.  Such a delicate mixture of colours, and the pale acqua and yellow is so fresh and inviting.

I can’t stop myself from smiling when I look at the two artworks above and below – always a sign that colour is having it’s mysteriously magical effect on the eye and brain.

Hand-woven from cotton and silk, each of these artworks is a one-off but the pieces can be re-woven as special commissions to meet your own specific requirements.

See more of these lovely textile artworks at margoselby.com and to find more information or buy online.

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