This week’s colour love is the abstract, contemporary work of Irish artist Lola Donoghue.  And I’m very much indebted to the generosity of the inspirational Will Taylor of mega-successful interiors/design blog Bright Bazaar for leading me to her work on Etsy.

I was reading one of Will’s blog posts about his new appartment when I spotted a print on his wall that I just loved. He very kindly responded to my question about it and I was thrilled to discover that Lola’s work easy to buy here in the UK.  Not only that, but as well as her original paintings she also produces very affordable giclee prints of these artworks. Much more wallet-friendly, and won’t blow the budget.  Plus they come in various sizes, so it’s very likley you’ll find just the one that’s right for you.

I could easily buy half a dozen of Lola’s dreamy, abstract prints (like the ones above) but there’s one in particular I’ve got my eye on – and for a very particular place.  Despite our bedroom renovation taking place well over a year ago, the wall about the bed is still blank.  I just couldn’t find the right thing to put there but kept telling myself it was better to wait and find just the right thing rather than give in to impatience.

So, this is the one I have particularly fallen for – it’s called Eminently Pink.  As I confessed in my recent post on Millenial Pink for interiors, I’ve been a great lover of pink for such a long time.  And in this work the pink ranges from washes of the palest blossom pink to deeper coral,  balanced by areas of sunny yellow and deep navy.  And I love the way the layers of colour, graphic scribbles and the splashes of paint stop the whole think looking too pretty and pastel.

Of course, things are never simple.  There’s a twin print – Eminently Pink 2, pictured above.  So that begs the question:  get one large print, or the pair in a smaller size?  I have a feeling the two together may be too much of a good thing, despite my love for pink.  So I think I’ve perhaps just answered my own question.

I was interested to read how Lola describes her work on her website:

“My paintings are personal reflections and interpretations, they are always an emerging process, I like when I discover things by accident and I usually let this dictate the direction of the painting.

They generally evolve through a subtractive process, beginning with lots of colour and bold vigorous brushstrokes and then working backwards so to speak. I add both thick and transparent layers allowing for the under painting to shine through.  A lot of the time I find myself working more in the negative space than the positive.”

If darker and more dramatic is you thing, then Lola doesn’t shy away from the dark side.  Below are a couple of moodier prints that caught my eye:

You can find all of Lola Donoghue’s art at Etsy UK.  Do take a look – there’s a fantastic selection of prints, including fashion illustration as well as abstract paintings like the ones above.  Just the thing for weekend browsing …


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