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blue compact armchair for small spaces with red cushion and side table with lamp
Today we're looking at compact armchairs for small spaces.  Our Top 10 sofas for small spaces has been wildly popular, so we decided to do this follow-up. As before, it's inspired by our own search for compact, modern furniture.  This time it's for a contemporary, small armchair that's not too deep so it doesn't protrude
Milner blue sofa bed for small spaces
Above: Milner Sofa Bed in Blue Sofa beds have come a long way in the last few years, particularly compact sofa beds for small spaces and modern living. You can now find exciting shapes and colours of small sofa beds in very contemporary designs.  But before buying a sofa bed (for any size space), it's
Heal's Balmoral contemporary velvet sofa in yellow velvet
Above: Balmoral 2-Seater Velvet Sofa from Heal's It's been slow but sure.  Velvet has made a big comeback in interiors, particularly for sofas.  Forget Victorian-era fustiness and drab colours, the new contemporary velvet sofa is fresh, bright and bold. Velvet looks utterly transformed on modern silhouettes, and even classic sofa shapes like the Chesterfield are