Abstract painting with orange, red and yellow stripes with blue and greyA Hint of Summer

There seems, purely coincidentally, to be a bit of a Dutch theme going on this week, as following on from Roel Huisman’s resin creations on Monday, here is the colourful art of Dutch painter (and biologist) Cornelis Vink. I was drawn to the simple geometric forms and bold colours, but also like the way the shading of the block colour and the greys adds subtlety and a more restful quality to the works.

Striped geometric painting by Cornelis VinkColors and Shades

Vink’s artist statement says:

Even though his current artwork is purely abstract, it can be seen as a representation of life itself. While the energetic color schemes used in the majority of his paintings reflect the wonderful, lively chaos of nature, the orthogonal structure of these paintings appears to bring order to the chaos. This ‘order’ symbolizes the human urge to organize and control our surroundings. Vink’s work can thus be portrayed as a creative search for balance between nature (or freedom) on the one hand, and ‘control’ on the other.

Abstract painting of grey, orange and blue geometric blocksFreedom is Out the Window

Abstract painting of grey and coloured shaded blocks on blackNight Shift

Colourful abstract art by Cornelis Vink in oragne, red and blue/greyChange!

You can see more of Cornelis’s work and buy his original paintings on canvas or lower cost prints at saatchionline.com.

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