Today’s find, the Maia Cotton Throw by Vivaraise, is the exact same throw that I saw in a small, local homewares shop recently, and have regretted not buying ever since.  (Will I ever learn?)  Happily, I stumbled across it again whilst browsing online, so thought I’d share it with you.

It’s made from 100% cotton in a woven waffle design, and it comes in a really gorgeous palette of contemporary colours. But it’s the stonewashed finish that I really like, which softens the colours to muted shades, like a favourite pair of jeans.  This makes for a casual yet chic look, which is always the best of all worlds.

The colour I saw (and didn’t buy) was this gold/turmeric/yellow/mustard – call it what you will.  It’s a colour that has been around a lot this season, and by all accounts will be around for a while longer yet.  I thought it would look beautiful against the pale aqua walls in our bedroom.

Apart from looking great, I can definitely also see it doing a very useful job on the bed, especially right now.  Have you felt the difference in the air already too?  That subtle change from summer to the first hints of approaching autumn?  With its light yet cosy waffle texture and breathable cotton fabric, the Maia throw is the perfect trans-seasonal layer for your bed.

I’m also really loving the colour pairing of yellow and pink at the moment.  Again there’s a lot of it about, and yes, it does have to be the right shade of yellow (going towards green) teamed with a muted blush pink.  It’s a serene and subtle combination and one that’s surprisingly versatile.  So I can also see the yellow Maia throw against pale blush pink bedlinen, maybe with a few grey accents to toughen it up a bit.

But other colours are available, from bold brights to softer hues as you can see above.

And, of course, the Maia cotton throw is ideal for keeping handy on the sofa as the evenings get fresher.  I’ve tried putting on warmer clothes, but more often than not just get too hot again.  (Combination of heatwave and menopause – messy!)

So a light throw in a cool summer fibre like cotton is the solution, I find.  I can snuggle into it and throw it off again as often as I need.  With its casual and practical vibe, the Maia is also the kind of throw I’d be happy to take into the garden to wrap myself in for cool evenings and early morning cups of tea.  I’m also pretty sure that Rusty the cat won’t be able to inflict as much damage on it with her claws as she does with knitted throws or looser types of weave (but I may yet regret saying that!).

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