Colourful handwoven Eco Rugs by Angie Parker TextilesAngie Parker’s Bodacious Handwoven Eco-Rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles

I first wrote about Angie Parker’s completely gorgeous woven textiles back in 2014 (read it here).  But it took me until October last year (2017) to actually meet her in person, at the Handmade at Kew show.

Which turned out to be an absolute delight.  Becasue 1) it’s always a total privilege to meet the talented people I write about, and 2) Angie is just as warm, lovely and friendly as she is talented.

Angie Parker with her colourful Bodacious Handwoven Eco RugsIt’s been fascinating to follow Angie on social media over the last few years and watch her creative business flourish and grow.  Right at the end of the piece I wrote back in 2014, Angie mentioned the possibility of producing  “a range of traditional Scandinavian handwoven rugs using my trademark vibrant colours”.

Which is exactly what’s she’s done and, as only to be expected, in her own bright, beautiful and accomplished style.

Below is an example of one of Angie’s colourful, contemporary, handwoven rugs, which she also produces as individual commissions.

Colourful handwoven wool rug by Angie Parker Textiles

But it’s Angie’s latest project that I particularly love, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  Just as our over-use of plastic is hitting the headlines, Angie’s Bodacious Handwoven Eco-Rugs are one (colourful beautiful) way that waste plastic bottles can be put to good use.

Angie Parker's limited edition handwoven eco rug for indoor and outdoor use

It’s hard to believe that these stylish and functional floor coverings  are woven from PET yarn made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  And even harder to believe when you touch them, as they have the texture and appearance of wool.

Handwoven indoor/outdoor rug made from recycled plastic bottles by Angie Parker Textiles

In addition to their environmental credentials, these handwoven rugs make Angie’s work more accessible price-wise.

When we spoke last October, she was awaiting delivery of these limited edition rugs from the workshop in India that she’d chosen for her first collaboration.

Detail of handwoven colourful Eco-Rug made from PET yarn from recycled plastic bottles

She’d worked hard to find weavers that could faithfully reproduce the colour, pattern and craftsmanship that are her trademark.

Working conditions were also a prime consideration, and the workshops that Angie use all comply with the stringent working standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

Colourful striped handwoven rug by Angie Parker Textiles

On top of being affordable and eco-friendly, these limited edition Bodacious Handwoven Eco-Rugs have the advantage of being incredibly hardwearing and versatile.  They come in four sizes (plus a runner), can be used inside and out, and are waterproof, mould resistant and completely washable.

Can something so gorgeous be so practical?  Seems like a big, bright, colourful ‘Yes’.

Find out more and shop online at

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