Alternative Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular – with good reason.  If you live in a small house or flat, it can be a headache to find space for the Christmas tree.

It’s not always just about room size either. Getting a real Christmas tree, even a small one, up narrow stairs and through small doorways is a major fight.  That’s already some serious needle shed before the first bauble has even been added.

And if you go the artificial tree route, then there’s still the storage issue. Where to keep it?

So, as part of our Small Space Living series, here are our favourite, contemporary, alternative Christmas trees for small spaces.  They’re stylish, clever and very, very space saving.

In fact, they’re so lovely I think they’ll be a big hit whatever your room size.

This White Christmas Tree with Cutout Decorations has a real Scandi-vibe with its minimal Christmas motifs and decorations laser cut from poplar wood.  No need to worry about baubles – this alternative Christmas tree is tree and decorations in one, and the square base is separate for easy storage.

I love this Christmas Tree Light Box from The Forest & Co.  The beautiful sea blue colour makes a change from the classic red and green, and its mains-operated LEDs glow warmly through the stencilled out tree, illuminating the festive wording.

original_birch-branch-hanging-christmas-treeWe love the simplicity of the Birch Branch Alternative Christmas Tree, above.  It’s made of natural birch branches and twine constructed in a ladder design, and gently sprinkled with a scattering of glitter snow.

This alternative contemporary Christmas tree has a wonderful rustic feel to it and can be dressed to suit your decor.  Keep it minimal with just a string of simple white lights, hang an assortment of decorations or use it as a Christmas card holder by pegging cards onto the ropes and branches.

This decorate-your-own alternative Christmas Tree Wall Sticker includes the ‘bare’ tree, 1 big gold star, 12 small gold stars, 12 flying dove decorations, 12 pink baubles, 6 gold baubles, 10 pine cones, 12 candles, 3 lengths of ribbon and 1 brown pot. Sadly, no partridge in a pear tree, but that’s still lots of decorating fun for the whole family.

For something a little more traditional, how about this large Traditional Christmas Tree Canvas Banner?  A majestic fir tree in its forest setting makes a real statement, and the banner rolls up quickly and easily for storage.

This contemporary Wooden Alternative Branch Christmas tree has been beautifully crafted from Birch, and will last for years and years.  In fact, I can imagine it becoming a much cherished family heirloom.

It’s been designed to screw together easily, and even comes in its own natural cotton duffle bag which takes up minimal space for storage or transportation.

And finally, the Alternative Wooden 4ft Christmas Tree by Bombus. Made from 2 pieces of sustainably sourced plywood, this free-standing tree slots together easily and has star shaped holes that you can hang your decorations from, as well as threading garlands and lights through. Not as small as some of the trees above, but it will pack away flat and could be stored under a bed or behind a wardrobe easily.

We found all of these alternative, contemporary Christmas trees, and many more besides, at the online emporium of all things quirky that is Not on the High Street. Have a very merry, small spaces Christmas!

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