I’ve read in various places recently that coloured bathroom suites are back.  Yes, folks, plain white porcelain is under siege from a host of coloured basins, baths and loos.  Not entirely good news if, like me, you find it hard to banish memories of the bathroom design crimes that were avocado baths or peach WC’s.  In which case, the new Kast Canvas collection from Kast Concrete Basins will hopefully reassure you.

I’m delighted to say that these Kast concrete basins are made in my home county of Nottinghamshire, at a specialist factory located in the beautiful Sherwood Forest area.  This is a brilliant example of just one of the many design-led small and medium-sized manufacturers you can find all over the UK.  When people say “we don’t make things in Britain any more” they couldn’t be more wrong.  We have a strong tradition of high quality craft manufacturing that continues to be world class.

To prove the point, Kast’s latest collections of designer concrete basins, their Canvas Collection, is on the shortlist of five finalists in the homeware category of the 2018 Dezeen Awards.  And this is out of over 3,500 entries from all around the globe. Winners will be announced later this month, so I’ve got my fingers firmly crossed for them.

Concrete has grown in popularity for domestic interiors in recent years, and is prized for its raw, industrial look.  What’s maybe different about Kast’s products, especially this latest collection, is the refined aesthetic they’ve brought to the material.

They say:

Concrete is a unique material that combines the organic characteristics of natural stone with the ability to be cast into any shape. Using tints and precision blends of admixtures it can be manufactured with a vast spectrum of finishes.

With striking and sophisticated forms, the Kast series of concrete hand-wash basins have been designed to make the most of these properties.

The subtle geometric patterns and absolutely up-to-the minute colour palette make the Kast Canvas Collection an absolute joy.  How much fun could you have combining them with the current crop of gorgeous taps?   Black, coloured, brass, copper… the combinations are endless.  And that’s before you’ve even started on what colours/patterns you’d choose for the rest of the room.

In addition to the Canvas Collection, Kast also design and fabricate basins in a wide range of shapes and colours (including grey!), and will custom make to individual specifications:

Versatile, robust and elegant, Kast basins marry the characteristics of natural stone with the flexibility of precision-casting into any form.

Kast basins provide a contemporary solution for all kinds of settings, from bathrooms to kitchens, both interior and exterior.

I’m not convinced about some of the coloured bathroom suites I’ve seen recently, but these Kast Concrete Basins definitely get my vote.

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