The M&S LOFT range of furniture for small spaces Olin corner chaise longue and coffee tableOur Small Space Solutions is the most popular section on the website by far.  Ditto our regular roundups of furniture for small spaces.

It’s really not that surprising.  Because more and more of us are looking for versatile, compact, contemporary furniture for our small living spaces.

So when M&S launched their stylish and affordable LOFT range of furniture, specifically created for smaller spaces, it defintely made the task that bit easier.

LOFT range Tromso corner storage sofa bed for small spacesMy top pick from the LOFT range has to be the Tromso Corner Sofa Bed, above and below.

The M&S LOFT range Tromso corner storage sofa bed for small spaces

Contrary to popular belief, corner sofas for small spaces can work perfectly.  This is especially the case if your room is square.  In fact, sometimes a corner sofa is the very best solution in a small living room.

Sadly, genuinely small corner sofas for small spaces are hard to find. But the Tromso Corner Sofa Bed is truly compact.  As a bonus, it’s also a sofa bed.  PLUS, it has storage.  Tick, tick, tick for being small, stylish and extremely versatile.

LOFT collection of furniture for small spaces, Brandshaw dining table and chairsThe Bradshaw Collection
When buying furniture for small spaces there are a few design features to look out for.  They really will make your small living space look larger, I promise.  These simple, visual tricks seem obvious but bear repeating, so here goes:

  • choose furniture with simple, clean lines to create an uncluttered look
  • opt for pieces with slim profiles and petite proportions – chunky doesn’t work visually, plus it takes up precious physical space
  • look for designs that create an airy, open feel both around and through them
  • choose materials that create an illusion of space and reflect light – glass, mirrored surfaces and metallics all fit the bill perfectly
  • search out pieces that are versatile and multifunctional and/or incorporate storage

So with these points in mind, here are the rest of my picks from the M&S LOFT range for stylish, contemporary small space living.  (A bit sneakily, I’ve also included some exciting finds from the rest of the current M&S furniture ranges.  They’re not strictly in the LOFT collection, but are very on-trend and absolutely perfect for a smaller room).

Olin Corner Chaise in blue from the LOFT Collection

LOFT Olin Corner Chaise  At only 131 cm wide and with gorgeous clean lines, the Scandi-style Olin Corner Chaise is a very versatile piece of furniture.  We have a small chaise and I can vouch for how useful it is.  It’s perfect for a sneaky 5 minutes reading a magazine with your feet up.  Or, when you have company, it provides extra seating for one or two guests to perch on.

gives you the convenience of a coffee table without imposing something heavy and chunky in the middle of the room.  The copper effect wire base and white painted top create a light airy look that’s graphic and fresh.

metallic side tables for small spacesThe Ingrid Side Table and Ava Side Table aren’t part of the LOFT range but are perfect for small spaces. They have small footprints, open and airy designs and a mix of modern metallics with marble and brass.  We love!

Conran Farley Nest of Tables.  Traditionally used to save space in small rooms, nesting tables don’t have to be old-fashioned.  These have ultra-contemporary dark metal frames and marble tops.

I have to ‘fess up, all of the above tables are on my current lust-list.  Small side tables are invaluable for small spaces and the three above are perfect examples of the new “modern luxury” interiors style.

These simple, curvy Brady chairs make a striking statement in blue, white or grey and come in sets of two.  Shown above with the LOFT Bradshaw 2-Seater Dining Table and Leaning Tripod Floor Lamp.

M&S LOFT range Bradshaw round dining table for small spacesNext, more dining options as shown above. The Bradshaw Round Dining Table comes in either white or grey with oak frame and legs. Here it’s teamed with the upholstered Tromso Dining Chairs.

I was never a fan of divan bed bases (they used to be so ugly!) despite their practicality.  That’s all changed, as you can now get modern divan beds covered in smart, contemporary fabrics.  Here’s the LOFT Storage 2-Drawer Divan above and below.M&S LOFT storage bed with 2 drawers in grey

Despite that, if you really can’t do divans (and I do understand) then how about the sleek, upholstered Tromso Bed? It has neat, tailored proportions that make it perfect for smaller bedrooms.

M&S LOFT range Fynn compact sofa for small spaces I’ll leave you with the plump, cosy LOFT Fynn Compact Sofa which, at only 145 cm wide, is truly compact but with all the comfort of a full-size sofa.  It does come in a slightly larger version too, and other fabrics are available.

So, if you’re searching for contemporary furniture for small spaces, do check out the whole LOFT range.  I love that it’s so versatile, accessible and affordable.

Talking of value for money, I notice that several  of the pieces above are included in the regular M&S offer of 20% off when you buy two or more pieces of selected furniture.

That’s a big bonus if you need to kit out a new home or are contemplating a renovation.  Or, if you’ve got your eye on a couple of side tables … hmmm.  Happy small space furniture hunting.

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