The new Nona tableware collection from Habitat falls squarely into my category of ‘everyday pleasure’.  Small, simple items that bring you huge  amounts of pleasure every time you look at them and use them.

Made in Portugal from durable stoneware, the contemporary Nona tableware range comes in shades of pale pink, blue/grey and yellow.  They look gorgeous individually and together they’re just joyous.  Did you see last week’s piece about yellow shades for the coming season?  I mentioned yellow and pink as a particularly uplifting colour combination that’s a real favourite of mine.  And now it feels like Habitat have made the Nona collection just for me!

Also, maybe you remember that I wrote a while back about blush pink not being a passing trend?  And that is was firmly established as a new contemporary neutral?

Well, the pink colourway of the Nona tableware collection is a perfect example and works as a great starting point for a contemporary table setting.  It will mix and match beautifully with so many other colours, including classic white all the way through to darker hues.  See how stunning it looks above against the black table, teamed with gold/brass coloured cutlery.

As well being smitten by the actual colours, I think the finish is gorgeous too.  All stoneware has that lovely, slightly earthy, artisanal look and feel to it and the Nona collection is no exception.  Its semi-matt reactive glaze gives it a lovely silky finish plus subtle depth to the colour and just a hint of shading along the edges.  And the pieces aren’t totally symmetrical, but have a slight wonkiness to them that further adds to their charm.

There are dinner plates, side plates, cereal bowls and shallow pasta bowls available in the Nona tableware range.  Plus a long, oval platter and a set of 3 tapas bowls that can work together or separately.

At the time of writing the yellow colourway doesn’t appear to be on the Habitat website yet (except as part of the set of 3 bowls, pictured above).  Hopefully it will be there soon, as I can’t wait to buy a few pieces of the pink and yellow to brighten up my autumn table.

Funnily enough, my favourite breakfast bowls are also from Habitat, bought ages ago in the sale.  There are only a couple of them, so I think I’ll add in a couple more from the Nona range to ring the changes.  I can’t think of a more colourful or beautiful way to start the day.

Images:  Habitat

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