New Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018, Sulking Room PinkWell, I’m a little late to this particular colour party as the new Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018 were launched a couple of weeks ago just as we left for our “summer” holiday. Still, as they famously only update their range every two or three years, I felt I couldn’t let the occasion pass.

And what an interesting selection these nine new Farrow & Ball paint colours are. First off, despite its recent dominance on the interiors scene, this time there’s no new shade of grey.  A sign of the times, I feel, as the move towards blues, greens – and pink/terracotta/brown tones – has slowly but surely been under way for a while now.

Maybe no surprise then, that there are two new (and utterly different) shades of pink, and a dark, deep red.  Plus a couple of greens, an elegant blue, a brown-based neutral and a soft, off-white.  Oh, and a very interesting red-based black that looks decidedly purple in some lights.

But how completely inadequate are those descriptions? Pictures, people, we need pictures! Let’s take a look…

New Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018

New Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018, TreronTreron, the first of the greens, is a dark green version of the classic Farrow & Ball colour Pigeon.  They say: “Treron’s relaxed feel is particularly suited to exterior woodwork and outdoor spaces where it sits seamlessly alongside the landscape”.

New Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018, BanchaNamed after Japanese green tea leaves, Bancha is my favourite of the new colours.   This one is on my list to try out under the dado rail in our hallway.

New Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018, JitneyJitney is described as a relaxed, brown-based neutral, and sits between Oxford Stone and the greyer Elephant’s Breath.  It’s indicative of the move away from the cooler greys that have been predominant for the last several years, towards warmer tones.

School House White - new Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018School House White is an off-white with warm undertones.

New Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018, Paean BlackAt the other end of the scale, the Georgian-inspired Paean Black has a hefty dose of red.  Doesn’t it look purple in the image above?  I think it’s very similar to the way Downpipe looked so very green in some lights.

New Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018, Sulking Room PinkSulking Room Pink has definitely won the prize this year for best new Farrow and Ball paint name 2018.  Apparently it was common to use this earthy, warm “romantic and muted rose” for boudoirs, rooms which take their name from the French “bouder” – to sulk –   I think it looks gorgeous in the image above, and it’s also a possible candidate for our hallway.

New Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018, RangwaliRangwali is described as an exotic and adventurous pink.  I’m not feeling the love for this one, and it’s probably my least favourite of these nine new Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018 – for the moment.  It’s amazing how things can grow on you although I’m not holding my breath …

Preference Red, Farrow & Ball new colours 2018Preference Red is rich and deep and they suggest combining it with Paean Black and Sulking Room Pink.

De Nimes, Farrow & Ball new colours 2018Finally, De Nimes is this lovely, tranquil blue which seems incredibly versatile.  They say “the exact shade is rooted in a regency palette but is inspired by the colour of everyday workwear made in the French city of Nîmes“.

So, there we have it.  What do you think of the new Farrow & Ball paint colours 2018?  Do you have any interiors projects of your own that one of them might be perfect for?

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