Denby Natural Canvas CafetiereA longtime fan of the quality and functionality of Denby stoneware, I’ve not been quite so keen on the colours of their ranges – up until now.  Or, to be more precise, I do actually very much  like some of the colours they use – just not on my table.  I prefer plain white tableware with the odd coloured and/or patterned bowl and platter thrown into the mix to liven things up.  But the new Denby Natural Canvas range of tableware has got me making a shopping list – I’m hooked.

Denby Natural Canvas Tea Set

Denby Natural Canvas tableware

They’ve used a soft, just off-white colour for the Natural Canvas range, a subtle raised pattern inspired by their design archives, and clean simple lines.  There are definite Scandi vibes to these pleasing shapes.  Denby say:

“We wanted a range that was about contemporary living with a nod to our past.”

Denby Natural Canvas Textured MugsSo there’s all the usual Denby quality and craftsmanship you’d expect – the incredibly strong local clay dug from behind their factory in Derbyshire,  high firing temperatures and their unique glazes.  All of which make the famous Denby stoneware so strong, durable and versatile.

Denby tableware designer Gill Pemberton

Denby Natural Canvas stoneware range detailsAnd the heritage factor continues.  The design inspiration behind the new Natural Canvas collection comes from Denby’s 1960’s “Chevron” range, designed by Gill Pemberton.  The new collection borrows from its clean-lined shapes and the delicate raised pattern embossed into the pottery.

Denby Natural Canvas cafetiere, small jug and coffee cups with coffee and walnut cake

“Form without formality”

However, the design of the individual pieces of the Natural Canvas range is also very much rooted in the present and our contemporary, more informal habits of living and eating.  I love the thought that the Denby team have put into them:

“Find cereal bowls designed to fit two Weetabix, multifunctional bowls that are great for serving and cooking alike and cups that fit perfectly under your coffee maker.  And, of course, it’s all safe to go in the microwave, oven, freezer or dishwasher.”

Denby Natural Canvas Serving BowlDenby Natural Canvas Dessert Bowl

I particularly like the fact that even the smaller bowls can be used for cooking in and go straight to the table.  So individual savoury dishes or puddings can easily be made, perfect if you don’t want to make big quantities.

And the large bowl can be used for anything from cooking in or as a mixing bowl, to serving salads or handing round crisps at a party – it’s beautifully versatile.

Denby Natural Canvas Pasta BowlI plan to start my collection with their pasta bowls as we eat most of our dinners out of these large, flat bowls these days, not just pasta.  And we’re not alone – this is very much a growing trend, it seems.  I’m also coveting the cafetiere and teapot, the espresso cups, the large platter … oh heck, pretty much everything.

There’s a real serenity and simplicity about the Denby Natural Canvas range that makes it so appealing, I think, and the fact that it’s so neutral but not a cold clinical white.  This lovely mix of old and new, elegance and practicality, has finally made a Denby tableware convert out of me.  How about you?

Images: Denby

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