I thought it was time for an “everyday pleasure” post, and these deceptively simple brass Deco Frames by Ferm Living fit the bill perfectly.  This Danish homewares brand is a real favourite of mine for their clean Scandi aesthetic and quality products (you might remember I wrote about their brilliant design-your-own Collect pendant lights here not so long ago).

Not only are these Deco Frames simple, beautiful and versatile, I love the fact that they also allow you to express your own creativity.  Basically they’re three solid brass rings that overlap to create a “minimalist, Art-Deco-inspired ornament “.  You can hang them on the wall, or in a window, or let them hang freely and also use them in a variety of different ways for lots of different occasions throughout the year.

Not surprisingly, with Christmas coming up I’m thinking of ways to use them for the festive season.  The choices are endless, of course, depending on your personal style and taste.  I like the idea of an organic and natural look, with evergreen sprigs and maybe a few winter berries.  I also have lots of beautiful offcuts of decorative paper from my bookbinding projects which I could wind around and hang from the frames.  Or I could go full-on glitzy with sparkly Christmas decorations.  And let’s not forget my battery operated mini fairy lights!

What’s great about the design of the Deco Frames is that you can hang them together as a group of three – in which case I think they look striking and graphic just as they are, completely unadorned.

Alternatively, you can separate them out and hang them singly in different places around the home.  Or arrage them in a group for collective impact like in the photo above.

I very much like the way they’ve styled these photos using dried foliage and flowers.  This year I’ve just started drying flowers and leaves from my own garden. So these pictures have given me some great ideas about how to use them in a very minimal and contemporary way.

And I can also see Deco Frames being used as the basis for simple and inexpensive decorations for birthday parties and any number of other celebrations and occasions.  The only limit is your imagination.  And what could be more fun than that?

You can find the Deco Frames, along with other Ferm Living homewares, at the excellent contemporary fashion and lifestyle store coggles.com.



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