Contemporary pendant lights by Hand & Eye StudioI first wrote about Hand & Eye Studio’s exquisitely crafted contemporary lighting range back in 2013.  (Probably one of the first posts I ever wrote for this blog!).  So their recently launched Chroma pendant light seemed like a great opportunity for a long-overdue catch up.

Chroma Pendant Lights by Hand & Eye Studio

Chroma pendant light in black by Hand & Eye StudioThere are other exciting designs to update you on too, but let’s start with the Chroma pendants.  Back in 2013, the vividly coloured, glossy ‘Bright Things’ light was star of the Hand & Eye collection for me.  Fast forward to 2019, it’s one of the studio’s most popular shades – and it’s had a contemporary makeover.

This large, slip-cast earthenware shade retains its beguiling combination of smooth lines and curvaceous angles.  But new textures, along with three contemporary colours, create a different mood entirely to its shiny sibling.

Ceramic Chroma pendant light in mustard yellowAnd, if I’m honest, I think I like the new version better.  I’m a real sucker for the soft, silky sheen of a satin finish.  And the colours they’ve achieved with this new glaze are just gorgeous, don’t you think?   Here’s a little bit about how they arrived at them:

When creating our Chroma light, we wanted to have colours that were modern and bold but would work well in a multitude of spaces.  The Mustard was the first we got right- a deep yellow with a brown tone- a shade that has a hint of vintage about it.

The Liquorice is a soft black with a hint of green and blue, created by altering the cobalt content of the glaze, which has a great architectural presence without being too stark.

Last to be decided was the Oyster, a subtle nude/pink that adds a touch of colour without taking over a room. These three colours blend nicely together so they can be used in combination or in mono-chrome.

Chroma ceramic pendant light in Oyster - a blush pink colourway The lip of the shade has been left unglazed, which allows the white of the natural earthenware to peek through.  It’s a subtle reminder of the underlying material as well as a nice colour contrast.

Hand & Eye Studio say that a nude flex works well with all three colours, but you can also choose a matching flex that blends in with the shade if desired.

I think all three of the new Chroma shades are just stunning.  They’re gorgeous individually, and I’d so like to see a picture of them hanging as a group, to see how the colours work together.

And what a delight to also catch up on other new (to me) designs in the current collection.  Here are my highlights below:

Hand & Eye Studio Contemporary Lighting

O-Beam ceramic ceiling pendant bar lightPistachio Green O-Beam ceramic ceiling lightsThe pistachio green O-Beam is made as a continuous ceramic piece then, once fired, the openings are cut into it to create the opening for the light, which highlights the texture and detail of the material.  Hang it singly, in rows, or in a geometric arrangement to form a contemporary chandelier.

Rigatoni terracotta ceiling pendant lightsIf you’re looking for something smaller and neater than the Chroma pendant light, how about these terracotta Rigatoni lights?  They’re hand-made in the UK using a slip-casting technique (you can learn more about the process of slip casting on the Hand & Eye studio blog here).

Gooseberry white-glazed wall light up and down lighter The Gooseberry Wall lights are also terracotta, and complement the Gooseberry Pendant (below) – still going strong since 2013.

Hand & Eye Studio Gooseberry pendant and wall lights in white glazed ceramic

Blow Up white glass ceiling pendant lightThe idea behind the Blow Up pendant light seems simple enough.  Create a blown-glass pendant light suitable for low ceilinged spaces, but still large enough to create an impact. Not such an easy task, it turns out.

Hand & Eye Studio worked with glassblowers in Poland to achieve the widest, flattest profile possible.  But the flatter and wider the shape, the more weight of glass the blower has to hold up using their breath.  Another challenge is that they have to blow the molten glass inside a water-soaked wooden mould.  With it concealed out of sight like this, knowing just when to remove it from the mould takes huge skill.

Fuji Colour ceramic pendant lightAbove and below: the Fuji Colour pendant lamp combines a traditional cone-shaped ceramic shade with a modern translucent silicone top.  I saw this at a show a while back, and the contrast between the smooth silicone and the delicate, textured Italian porcelain shade was very striking.  Contemporary lighting collection by Hand & Eye StudioWell, that’s been a most enjoyable walk down memory lane.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the new Chroma pendant light, plus an absolute treasure trove of other delights from Hand & Eye Studio.  Their passion for materials, process and craftsmanship continues undimmed, and the stories about the making of their lighting are fascinating.  I’ll definitely try not to leave it so long before I revisit them again

Images: Hand & Eye Studio

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