white freestanding kitchen islands for small spacesAre you struggling with a small, badly designed, or awkwardly shaped kitchen?  If so, one of these freestanding kitchen islands for small spaces could be the solution.  I know the problem well, because our old kitchen was incredibly inefficient.

It wasn’t exactly large, but size wasn’t the whole issue.  Bad design was, though.  Worktop space was severely lacking and there was an area of completely dead space in the middle of the square room.  Which I criss-crossed endlessly just to accomplish the simplest task.

So maybe you know the feeling of needing that extra little bit of worktop space exactly where you want it.  Somewhere to turn and put a hot dish down straight out of the oven.  Or an extra square metre for chopping and prep right next to the sink.

Cue the freestanding kitchen island on wheels.  And its close relation, the traditional butchers block.  They’re the perfect solution for when you don’t have space for a fixed island or kitchen table, but do have enough room for a more flexible alternative.

Not only do you get much-needed additional worktop space, freestanding kitchen islands provide extra storage too.  They come with drawers, shelves, hanging rails, wine racks … and sometimes all of the above.  Happy days for the space-starved kitchen.

Not only are the latest freestanding kitchen islands convenient and versatile, I found some extremely stylish ones too.  Their urban-industrial vibe or sleek Scandi-inspired lines make a change from the traditional country kitchen look (although I’ve rounded up a few of those as well).

In addition to storage, the most useful freestanding islands for small spaces ideally have wheels or casters.  That way you can move them around freely to where you need them depending on what you’re doing in the kitchen.  So most of my top picks are mobile too.

Anyway, here we go – my roundup of the best contemporary freestanding kitchen islands for small spaces.  To make your small (or awkward) kitchen more efficient, stylish and pleasurable to cook in.

Freestanding kitchen islands for small spaces

Lambourn butchers block on wheels for small kitchens from John Lewis & PartnersLambourn 3-Drawer Butchers Trolley with stainless steel top from John Lewis.  It’s made by Eddingtons, who are the equivalent of the Rolls Royce of butchers trolleys and freestanding islands.  Solid, beautifully made and with lots of storage, the Lambourn comes in many variations.  Choose from a range of sizes, alternative storage configurations, and a solid wooden top instead of the stainless steel.

Eddingtons Pewsey Butchers Trolley on wheels for small spacesAgain from Eddingtons, we also like the compact Pewsey Butchers Trolley above.  As freestanding kitchen island for small spaces go, it’s neat, robust and packed with useful storage plus an extra pull-out shelf.

We also like the versatile storage of the Lambourn Beech Wood Vegetable Store, below.  Designed for vegetable storage, the three wicker baskets could be used for any kitchen essentials you like.

Industrial freestanding kitchen island for small spaces with wheels and storageAbove and below:  the Bessie Kitchen Trolley from Maisons du Monde has a sleek, contemporary, industrial feel.  The warm-toned wooden surfaces stop it looking too stark, though, and provide an organic contrast to the black metal frame.

Industrial freestanding kitchen islands for small spaces with storage baskets and shelvesSorgues white freestanding kitchen island with wheels and storage drawers and basketsIf the French countryside of Provence is more your style, here’s the Sorgues White Kitchen Trolley.  This elegant free-standing kitchen island for small spaces is kitted out with a zinc-coated metal top, two rattan storage baskets, a wine rack and an additional pull-out shelf.

Laurel Foundry grey freestanding kitchen island with wheelsThe Hansen Kitchen Trolley by Laurel Foundry has two open storage spaces beneath its slide-out drawer, one of which supports two removable metal trays.  We love the sleek black finish, and the inset grey granite chopping block.

Perfect for small spaces, the Harvey 2-3 Seater Tall Dining Table combines storage and somewhere to eat. This high bar table/shelving unit could make a stylish and practical divider if you have a small open-plan kitchen-living room but don’t want a traditional kitchen island or peninsula arrangement.

Croft Collection Butchers Trolley with wheels from John Lewis & PartnersThe very stylish Croft Collection Butcher’s Trolley from John Lewis & Partners has a grey painted finish paired with a natural rubberwood surface. For storage there’s a drawer, two shelves and a tea towel rail.

Industrial Iron Table Island by Graham and Green, movable kitchen island with wheelsI’m ending with this Industrial Iron Table Island from Graham and Green.  Now, I know what you’re thinking – this really isn’t small.  I know, I know – but I love it!  And if you’re looking for a stylish, versatile alternative to a fixed kitchen island for a not so small space, then this might work for you.

Would any of these freestanding kitchen islands for small spaces be the answer to your small kitchen dilemna?  Or did you create your own solution?  Do let us know.

Images: brands and retailers as credited above

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