handmade porcelain terrazzo bowls by Sevak ZargarianTerrazzo is in the interiors spotlight again – and not just underfoot.  Traditionally associated with utilitarian floors, terrazzo in 2018 has been reinvented as an ultra-chic, versatile material to be used in all kinds of ways around the home.

So, is it a case of ‘move over marble’?  This classic material has been everywhere on the interiors scene lately, but is its rather more exuberant first cousin about to steal the stage?

Getting its name from the latin word ‘terra’, meaning ground, terrazzo is said to have originated in 16th-century Italy as a way to reuse stone offcuts. Builders of the time created floors and outdoor terraces using marble chippings set into clay, thus creating the distinctive flecked appearance of terrazzo.

contemporary terrazzo from Diespeker.co.uk

Image:  Diespeker.co.uk

Of course, terrazzo changed as new materials came along.  Now made with fragments of anything from marble to quartz, granite, glass and even metal, it comes in a huge variety of colour options.

black Marmoreal terrazzo bathroom furniture by Max Lamb and Dzek

Most recently, epoxy resin is being used as an alternative to the traditional concrete matrix.  This makes the finished product more expensive, but also smoother and more resistant to cracking and scratching.

Just take a look at this incredible bathroom furniture, above and below, using black Marmoreal, a collaboration between British designer Max Lamb and Dzek, a company that specialises in creating original architectural materials.  It uses oversized chips of Italian marble in stunning colours – and just how crazy gorgeous is it?

 terrazzo bathroom furniture by Max Lamb and Dzek

Marmoreal terrazzo kitchen floorBrussels townhouse, Victoria-Maria Interior Design, photo by Tim Van de Velde

Also from the Dzek website, the kitchens pictured above and below incorporate Marmoreal, this time in white.  The teal kitchen below with brass accents is making my heart beat a little faster, that’s for sure.

contemporary terrazzo kitchen worktop

London kitchen, project and photo credit – Play Associates

Luxe projects like these aside, on a more affordable level terrazzo in its latest contemporary incarnation is being used to create furniture and all manner of home accessories.  Which is great news for those of us who love the artisan look of this traditional material but aren’t likely to be installing a terrazzo floor – or bathroom – anytime soon.

Terrazzo can be poured into moulds, which means that just about any shape is possible.  And just as with classic marble patterns over the last few years, terrazzo designs are now also being applied to textiles and paper too.

So here are some of my favourite terrazzo furniture and home decor ideas for contemporary living spaces.

Cylindrical Terrazzo Pots by Daniela Rubino

Cylindrical Pot, Daniela Rubino Designs

Primo Terrazzo Tables by Another Brand

Primo Terrazzo Tables, Another Brand

Handmade Porcelain Terrazzo Bowl, Sevak Zargarian

Handmade Porcelain Terrazzo Bowl, Sevak Zargarian


MugWhite and blue Terrazzo mug, John Lewis, John Lewis

Terrazzo Bathroom Accessories, The Forest and Co

Marble and Soapstone Bathroom Accessories, The Forest and Co

Terrazzo Effect Fabric Drum Lampshade, Quirk

Terrazzo Effect Fabric Drum Lampshade, Quirk

Abstracted Terrazzo Rug, Anthropologie

Abstracted Terrazzo Rug, Anthropologie

Terra TableBlue Terrazzo Terra Table, Normann Copenhagen, Normann Copenhagen

Terrazzo Pendant Lamp, Bloomingville at Amara

Pendant Lamp, Bloomingville at Amara

Terrazzo Wallpaper, Wayne Hemingway at Graham and BrownTerrazzo Wallpaper from Graham and Brown

Wallpaper, Wayne Hemingway at Graham and Brown


Framed Terrazzo Coffee Tables, AnthropologieAnthropologie Framed Terrazzo Coffee Tables with pink sofa and grey concrete floorFramed Terrazzo Coffee Tables, Anthropologie

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