Skultuna brass candle holders - the London CollectionIt’s a bit of a cliche, but at this darkest time of the year it feels like I just can’t have enough lights on and candles lit around the house.  So these gorgeous, glowing Skultuna brass candle holders were a timely find.

Luckily, the festive season is the traditional time to find space for as many extra candles as possible.  This year I’ve noticed that there are some particularly gorgeous candle and tea light holders around.  And in particular I’m smitten by these (mainly) brass beauties by the Swedish company Skultuna.

Skultuna brass candle holder - the London CollectionSkultuna was founded as a brass foundry in 1607 by King Karl IX of Sweden, which apparently makes Skultuna one of the oldest companies in the world.

More than four hundred years on, it is still a purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden and produces a range of brass and metal home accessories for everyday use and special occasions.

Skultuna brass candle holders - the London CollectionTop of my Christmas list would be any one from the London Collection of Skultuna brass candle holders. Their finely worked cut outs throw intricate, dancing shadows when illuminated, which is particularly atmospheric.

On a much more practical note, the construction means that you can lift the body off the separate base.  Which makes it a whole lot easier to put the candle or tealight in.  And light it too. No more burned fingers, hurrah!

Designed for Skultuna in 2014 by the internationally renowned jewellery designer Lara Bohinc, inspiration for The London Collection came from her travels.  The lines of the Lunar pattern is inspired by the highways in Japan.  The idea for the Celestial came from the motions of the planets around the sun and the Feather from the wing strokes of birds.

Skultuna brass candle holder - the London Collection


Lunar Candle Holder in Brass

Feather candle Holder in Black

Skultuna Feather brass candle holder - the London Collection

Celestial Candle Holder in Copper

Skultuna also have a range of the smaller and simpler (but no less stylish) Kin Tealight Holders.  They come in a range of metallic finishes and colours such as classic black and white.  For colour lovers there’s also a lovely Dusty Pink and a vibrant Azure Blue.


Set of 5 Kin Tealight Holders in BrassSkultuna brass candle holders - the Kin Collection

Skultuna brass and pink candle holders - the Kin Collection

Kin Tealight Holders, Dusty Pink

I think they’re all absolutely gorgeous, and my love affair with brass goes on.  Particularly when it lights up the home as beautifully as this on these short, dark days as we head towards the winter solstice.

You can shop all of the above and see more of Skultuna’s stylish and timeless home accessories online at Amara.


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