Today’s object of desire, the Senzo marble and brass dressing table, is the very epitome of the “new modern” interiors style.

So named by Michelle Ogundehein, editor-in-chief of Elle Decoration, I wrote about it a couple of months ago in this piece about the Frame velvet and brass armchair.

Just to jog your memory, the “new modern” is all about luxurious and opulent materials – marble, metallics, velvet, silk – paired with simple, contemporary shapes and pared-back design.

So you can see how the Senzo contemporary dressing table meets the brief so perfectly.  On one level, it’s incredibly simple, but it’s the details that make it a real stunner.

There’s a bit of a subtle Art Deco vibe going on, with the Senzo’s striking pill-shaped white marble top.  Then there’s the clean-lined brass-finish metal frame  What make it super-contemporary, though, is the choice of green marble for the small vanity shelf.

Coloured marble is very current.  Personally, I struggle with some of the red/brown coloured marble that’s around at the moment, but white, black and green are right up my street.  (I also wrote about marble coffee tables a few weeks back too).

I realise I’ve been writing about brass a lot already this year.  Partly because I love it and that’s the way my taste is evolving at the moment.  Also, though, because there’s a lot of it about right now so we’re spoilt for choice.

However, maybe this mix of marbles and metallic is too much for you. If you yearn for something more quietly monochrome, then you’re in luck. The Senzo dressing table also comes in this clean black and white version.

I also have to add that this is the perfect dressing table for small spaces.  Petite proportions,clean,  slender lines and reflective materials tick all the small space boxes.

So, which would you choose? Opulent metallic and coloured marble, or crisply graphic black and white? I think I’m going all out opulent, although s-dly we don’t have a vacancy for a dressing table. So the Senzo will have to furnish my fantasy home for now.

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