Pluck modern kitchen furniture | Photo credit James Jones

If you looking for a beautiful, bespoke handmade kitchen with real contemporary character then look no further than Pluck modern kitchen furniture.

They were one of my favourite brands at Clerkenwell Design Week last month.  And call me superficial, but they had me at the first sight of their newly launched, beautifully crafted larder cupboard below.

Although I was pretty smitten by the gorgeous pink colourway and intricate Corian marquetry of the rest of the kitchen too.

Pluck modern kitchen furniture

In a nutshell, Pluck combine tailored-to-fit kitchen design, modern materials and beautiful colour palettes.  The result?  Genuinely swoonworthy, contemporary, bespoke handmade kitchens.

Based in south London, Pluck was founded by husband and wife team Leila and Lloyd Touwen, along with their friend and business partner George Glasier.  The Pluck team today comprises Leila, Stanley, Sam, Lloyd, George and Toby, seen from left to right above.

As with many companies, the story of Pluck started when Leila and Lloyd weren’t able to find the kitchen they wanted themselves:

We confess food is a major part of our lives – cooking for family, friends and loved ones is something we enjoy. Yet we could not find kitchens that combined our practical needs with a visual aesthetic we liked.
Perfectly positioned to do something about this, we started making our own kitchens and so the seed for Pluck was sown.

Pluck contemporary kitchen design

The team at Pluck combine 10 years’ furniture making experience with the belief that “there is a need for better kitchen furniture to fit with modern living and tastes”.

Contemporary kitchen design by Pluck modern kitchen furniture, London
Margate road project | Photo credit Gemma Riggs

Anyone who has done a kitchen renovation using off the peg suppliers will know the frustrations well.  It’s the standard size kitchen units which dictate the final layout, not the space itself.  Which isn’t necessarily the recipe for the best design solutions.

But because their work is truly bespoke, Pluck tailor their modern kitchen furniture to each unique client home.

Barrington Road project | Photo credit James Jones

Furthermore, Pluck also view each element of the kitchen is an individual piece of furniture.  And it’s this approach that results in what I call a genuinely “unkitcheny” kitchen.

Which< I think, is what more and more people look for in good contemporary kitchen design.  The open plan kitchen/diner/living space is now pretty much the norm in modern homes.  So we want our kitchens to blend seamlessly with the space around it.

Pluck kitchens are clutter free, we let the clean lines, colours and materials speak for themselves. Our designs are not about gadgets, fads or fuss, but are about creating simple, practical and beautiful spaces for your home.

We want you to feel intimately connected to the design of your finished Pluck kitchen furniture. The layout, material and colour choices should reflect who you are and how you will use your kitchen.

Bedford Road project | Photo credit Malcolm Menzies

I love that the clean minimalism of Pluck kitchen furniture is at the same time friendly and inviting.  There’s none of the cold, clinical rather impersonal look you often get with minimal, modern kitchens.

This balancing act has a lot to do with their choice of materials and gorgeous contemporary colours.  More about those coming right up after a few more peeks at Pluck’s beautiful contemporary kitchen designs.

Bedford Road project | Photo credit Malcolm Menzies
Bedford Road project | Photo credit Malcolm Menzies
Bedford Road project | Photo credit Malcolm Menzies
Horsford Road project | Photo credit Malcolm Menzies
Horsford Road project | Photo credit Malcolm Menzies
Margate road project | Photo credit Gemma Riggs
Barrington Road project | Photo credit James Jones

Pluck handmade kitchens: materials and colour palettes

As I said to Leila at the Clerkenwell show, I so wish we were in the market for a new kitchen.  Mainly because kitchen design has moved on so much as regards materials and colours.

Hardwearing and sustainable birch plywood is at the core of Pluck’s kitchen furniture.  Their finishes include a range of wood veneers plus coloured laminates in soft and bold contemporary hues.  There’s also an interesting cork and recycled rubber material that’s both sustainable and very hard-wearing.

To help you visualise how the different choices could be combined, Pluck have come up with these gorgeous colour/materials palettes .  I could look at them all day!

Pluck bespoke handmade kitchens colour and materials palette
Quails Eggs Palette | Photo credit Gemma Riggs
Lemon Palette | Photo credit Gemma Riggs
Figs Palette | Photo credit Gemma Riggs
Red Mullet Palette | Photo credit Gemma Riggs
Nasturtium Palette | Photo credit Gemma Riggs

Bespoke handmade kitchens in London

Pluck design and make all their bespoke, handmade kitchens themselves in their workshop in Brixton.  Which of course means that the quality of their work is carefully controlled and each detail is meticulously considered.

As part of their manufacturing process Pluck invite their clients to their workshops to view their new kitchen furniture once it’s been made.  I can only imagine how exciting that stage of the project must be.

And finally, installation can be carried out by your own tradesmen or Pluck can do that for you too.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this short tour today around some very colourful, beautiful contemporary kitchen design.

If you’d like more details or images of Pluck modern kitchen furniture you can visit the rather uplifting and inspirational Pluck website here.


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