Colourful Anthropologie Heradia cushions for AW16 with tufting and pompomsIt’s impossible to deny that summer is on the wane, despite a valiant last hurrah of warm weather (and humidity – is anyone else’s hair totally out of control today?).

Days are noticeably shorter, it’s back to school and back to work, and we’re awash with the new season’s collections.  Here at CBT HQ we haven’t actually had our ‘summer’ holiday yet, so I’m avoiding looking at autumn clothes as I’m packing for a beach holiday and can’t get my head around sweaters and boots.  But the new seasons’ interiors collections definitely have caught my eye.

Dark grey cushion with orange and tufting and pompoms from Anthropologie

One trend I’ve noticed is that textiles have broken out into all sorts of tactile textures in the shape of tassels, tufting, fringes and pompoms.  And we’re talking full-on rustic, shaggy texture here, not a polite, skinny row of well-behaved fringing or teeny tiny, ditsy bobbles.  Best of the bunch to illustrate the look are some of the new Anthropologie home textiles – not surprisingly, as their colourful, boho-luxe vibe suits the style perfectly.

I particularly like the Heradia range of cushions and throws which features thick tufting, pompoms and simple geometric motifs on neutral backgrounds – apart from the turquoise cushion which depicts a mini-herd of … llamas? sheep? goats?  You decide; it’s fun and colourful whatever they are.

White Heradia cushion with orange and pink tufting and pompoms from AnthropologieThe Heradia white cotton cushion (above) and matching throw (below) show how the look can be pared back to add just a touch of colour and texture to a neutral space.

White Anthropologie cotton throw with pink & orange tufting and geometric embroiderySimple graphic shapes and small bursts of colour are scattered sparingly over a soft, slubby creamy-white cotton base.  So simple but so striking – I think this throw is my favourite from the range.

Grey cushion with orange, pink & white tufting from Anthropologie AW16 home textiles rangeThe deeper background of the dark grey Heradia cushion shows off the coral and pink tufting perfectly, and for the matching throw, below, they’ve added in turquoise too – always a winning combination in my eyes.  Again, I like the way they’ve kept a lot of the throw plain, which lets the embellishments really stand out and stops it being too overdone.


Light grey Anthropologie cotton cushion with white tufted diamonds and pompomsThe light grey cushion in the Heradia range is the most neutral, so if you just wanted to add some interesting, warm and woolly texture to a monochrome or neutral scheme, this would do the job.

Anthropologie Turquoise Heradia oblong cushion with colourful embroidery and pompomsAnd finally, here’s the animal-adorned turquoise Heradia cushion I mentioned earlier, and although this one’s not really for me I know it would look stunning in the right eclectic interiors scheme.

So, what do you think?  Are these rustic, textured Anthropologie home textiles a winner for you this coming autumn/winter?

Images: Anthropologie

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