Today’s objects of desire are these luxuriously snuggly Grey Curly Sheepskin Beanbags from The White Company.  Just looking at the pictures makes me want to grab a book and a cup of coffee, and sink into one for an hour or two to forget the dreary, rainy day outside.

Now that it’s officially winter we’re in full snuggle mode here at CBT HQ.  So for the next few weeks I’ll be looking at ways to make your home snug and cosy for the winter season, as well as getting guest-ready for the festivities ahead.  And these cosily stylish sheepskin beanbags tick both boxes perfectly.

They’re a brilliant solution for extra seating when you have a house full of guests.  (Admittedly maybe most suitable for the younger ones, or those whose knees and hips can cope with low-level lounging).

I can imagine these sheepskin beanbags being fought over during the festive season for post-meal relaxation and film-watching sessions.  They’re easy to drag around and adapt to different seating arrangements as numbers fluctuate.  Moving them from room to room is a doddle too.

These Luxe Grey Curly Sheepsking beanbags come in two sizes and are made from pure Australian and New Zealand curly-pearl sheepskin.  It’s a beautiful, natural material that’s renowned for its durability and temperature-regulating benefits, plus its hypo-allergenic too.

They also feature a non-slip base, and are generously filled with beans for the perfect mix of support and comfort.

Maybe you love the cosiness of sheepskin but beanbags aren’t your thing (I totally get that they’re not for everyone).  In which case, how about this Curly Sheepskin Pouffe, above?  It’s equally useful as extra seating, and can also be used as a footstool or even a coffee table when used with a tray on top.

And finally in this curly, cosy, woolly roundup, how irresistible is the Tibetan Sheepskin Stool, pictured above?  It really couldn’t be cuter, could it?

Images:  The White Company



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