It’s been ages since we had a good pattern story – but the new Kirkby Design x Eley Kishimoto interiors textile collection definitely remedies that.

You may remember I wrote about the first wallpaper collection by my pattern heroes Eley Kishimoto?  (Can’t believe that’s over two years ago already).

Well, their latest foray into filling your home with their iconic patterns is a collaboration with interior textile specialists Kirkby Design.

And how gorgeous is the result.  There’s a retro, 1970’s-inspired influence to the whole collection but it’s still utterly contemporary.  There are types and weights of textiles to suit all projects, from lightweight linen mixes to heavier, velvet upholstery fabrics.

Kirkby Design say:

Channeling the confidence of 1970s design whilst simultaneously bringing an original modern twist, this unique collection of luxury fabrics are as bold and graphical as they are tactile and sophisticated.


The quintessential playful style of Eley Kishimoto is expertly described and adapted through intricately woven jacquards, Épinglé weaves and eye-catching printed velvets.

And so the Kirkby Design x Eley Kishimoto collection of furnishing fabrics was born.  But let’s dive in and look at them!  The fabrics are really beautiful, and the way they’ve been used and styled in these images is just stunning and so inspiring.

I’ve chosen my favourites to show you here; most of them come in a choice of other colours in addition to the ones shown.  Under each image I’ve also added in the design comments by both Eley Kishimoto and Jordan Mould of Kirkby Fabrics, which give some insight into the ideas behind the collection.


Above and below, Origami Rockets:  “The effect of multiple folded paper planes shooting across a surface is created by an arrangement of basic geometric shapes in deep, rich colourful shades. Complexity and simplicity characterise the design that turns at every glance.” –Eley Kishimoto

“The 3-D appearance of the original design is accentuated through the use of a cut and uncut jacquard velvet weaving technique to stunning effect.” – Jordan Mould

Cubic Bumps: (hung on the walls)  “Cubic blocks of different heights are jam-packed to simulate buildings in a big city. The subtle tonal colour arrangement brings calmness to the geo-cityscape and all together manifests an urban serenity” – Eley Kishimoto

“Digitally printing this bold geometric pattern on a lightweight, drapery cloth adds a fluid movement that playfully contradicts its more rigid structure” – Jordan Mould


Spot On Waves:  “A bold expression of graphic pattern this simple design of circles and half circles is almost a piece of modern art for your wall or furniture that can’t help but make you smile.” –Eley Kishimoto

“This deep pile, plush velvet really adds to the retro feel of this design, accentuating its smooth curves and sense of fun. Bold and confident in style, just like the 70s.” – Jordan Mould


Stripey Zig Zag Birds:  “Zig Zag Birds is increased in scale and broken up into horizontal stripes, creating an op-camouflage effect with huge impact.” – Eley Kishimoto

“A large-scale impactful geometric pattern is printed on a textured hopsack weave, exciting from a distance and satisfying to touch.” – Jordan Mould


Above and below, Peg Art Roses:  “Floral motif pushed to its limit. An abstract collection of coloured dots at close inspection, from a distance the image transforms into a tableau of sweet smelling roses.” – Eley Kishimoto

“Kirkby Design aren’t best known for florals, which is why this op-art style geometric, with floral notes really appeals to us. Perfect for printing on a plush velvet with a super soft finish.” – Jordan Mould


Loopy Link:  “A softer take on a graphic pattern. Almost naïve free hand executions of broken oval patterns are teamed with sophisticated bicolours to sparkle the warmth of yesteryears and polished modernity.” – Eley Kishimoto

“The soft graphic nature of this design works best jacquard woven on a satin ground. It delivers a great shimmering surface and describes the design with perfect detail whilst also creating depth. This fabric works well both as a drape and on upholstery.” – Jordan Mould

Well, that’s certainly given me a colour and pattern fix – how about you?  I’m coveting that gorgeous sofa covered in the Spot On Waves fabric.  And those Loopy Link chairs too – the fabric works so well with the gold metallic legs.

If you’re feeling inspired too, you can find the whole Kirkby Design x Eley Kishimoto collection on the Kirkby Design website here.


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