John Lewis Design Project oak sideboard, glass lamp and accessoriesThere’s a new interiors collection – the John Lewis Design Project – that I’ve been waiting for impatiently.  (It’s been in the pipeline for two years).  It’s finally launched, though, and I was delighted when John Lewis asked if I’d like to write about it.  Why so?  Not only are the designs beautiful and exciting, it also heralds a new era for their in-house design.

If you follow this blog you’ll know I’m an enthusiastic supporter of John Lewis.  Not least for their support of young designers and the work they’ve done to introduce good design to the high street.  So what’s different about the Design Project?  That’s probably best explained, in the first instance, by Philippa Prinsloo, their Design Studio Manager:

We wanted to create a brand in John Lewis Home that would reflect a progressive approach to design and manufacture; a lasting collection that reflected our values as designers, and a committed belief in moving forwards in design to reflect how we live today and will do in the future.

Furniture from John Lewis Design Project in contemporary room settingMy first impression, when I saw images of the products, was how coherent the collection is.  I thought it looks modern and sophisticated, but in a very understated and timeless way.  Which was exactly the intention.  The John Lewis Design Project team decided on three core principles that informed each stage of development for each piece in the collection: “original, beautiful, progressive”, with the latter being the priority.

That said, they were also determined to balance that ideal with creating designs and using materials that would easily sit alongside someone’s existing contemporary furniture.

I think they’ve succeeded in that aim very well.  I set myself the challenge of mentally replacing items in every room of our home with pieces from the Design Project, and I was spoiled for choice.  Here are my favourite picks from my fantasy redecorating spree:

John Lewis Design Project

Contemporary furniture and home accessores from the John Lewis Design Project2-edit

1. No.045 Floor Lamp | 2. No.004 Highboard, Oak | 3. No 079 Soap Dispenser | 4. No. 19 Throw, Plaster | 5. No.001 Large Glass Table Lamp  | 6.  No.039 Cushion, Natural | 7. No.061 Nest of Tables | 8. No.086 Armchair, Hamble | 9. No.049 Bed Frame, Oak/Grey | 10. No.071 Large Glass Vase | 11. No.002 Medium 2 Seater Leather Sofa

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