“Every person is different.  Every habitat is unique” is the message behind the new Habitat SS19 collection.  Or, to put it another way – “individual designs for individual style”.   One of the things I like most about Habitat is that they never play it too safe.  They’re not afraid to be a bit out there with a good few products each season.

As they say themselves about their new SS19 collection:

Our aim is to create products that are divisive, that get people talking about design – to evoke passion, love-it or hate-it reaction. Some designs you might ‘get’, others you might not, but this is what makes us Habitat.

And this season they’ve certainly gone to town with a very mixed bag of inspiration for their products, including Bauhaus, tribal culture, 1980’s pattern and mid-century carpentry.  Which has the potential to end up quite the dog’s dinner, wouldn’t you say?  However, they reassure us that all these influences have been reimagined by the Habitat design studio so that they work together as a coherent whole.  Disparate shapes or designs have been unified by using colours that work together, and a cohesive palette of materials runs through the collections.  Let’s take a look…

The new Habitat SS19 furniture & homewares collections

The mid-century influence is still strong – and with good reason.  It’s a simple, unfussy look that you can easily mix and match with other styles.  And the clean lines and light profiles work beautifully in small spaces.

The Bauhaus centenary is being celebrated with these gorgeous geometric textiles.  This combination of pale blue and a rich orange/red is one of my all-time colour pairings.  And boy, could I live happily in this open plan space above.

Mind you, I’m also totally smitten by this gentle colour palette of soft pink, yellow, pale grey and muted olive green.  Just see how amazing this rug looks in the bedroom below.  Again, I’d very happily live here…

Designed to exude a sense of calm, the new Phoebe range of bedroom furniture, features a mint green veneer on an ash frame.  The rounded corners and soft curves add to the sense of serenity.

The art-deco inspired Ingrid dresser was part of a brief for the Design Studio to come up with furniture designs that can be incorporated into any room in the house.  And the Celine Velvet Armchair has turned out to be one of Habitat’s fastest selling chairs.  Can’t say I’m surprised – I love it too.

Another inspiring combination – black furniture, rich blue velvet and the airy, Lowenna brass gauze pendant light.

Habitat is usually very strong on its ceramics and SS19 is no exception – take a look at the tableware and also their very affordable vases.

So, these are just a few of the things that caught my eye.  I hope they’ve given you a flavour of what’s new for the coming season at Habitat.  I’m certainly in the mood for mixing things up a bit now that the days are longer and the light stronger.  How about you?

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