Last week I went to see a friends recently renovated open-plan kitchen/dining room. It needs a dining table to fit the new space, which reminded me about the clever Heal’s Designed by You dining tables I’d spotted a while back.  They’re stylish, versatile and, I think, excellent value for money. I’ve been meaning to write about them ever since I saw them and so, finally, here they are.

Finding just the right style of dining table, in exactly the right size, can be tricky.  But this range of contemporary dining tables from Heal’s enables you to create the perfect table for your space.  Taking into account the various options, there are over 2,000 variations to choose from.  And as you’d expect from Heal’s, these dining tables are beautifully crafted in top quality materials.  Let’s take a look at the range:

Heal’s Designed by You Dining Tables

There are four styles of contemporary dining tables in the range – Oslo, Madrid, Lisbon and Prague – each with a different style of leg.  The Oslo, above, features a refined wooden criss-cross base.  Madrid’s sleek dark metal splayed legs are refined and minimal (below).

Arts and Crafts design is the inspiration for Lisbon’s refectory-style wooden base (above).  And Prague (below) has a wide metal leg for a modern industrial look.

Each one then comes in a choice of three edge styles (square, chamfered or natural), and six oiled wood finishes.  Finally, you can opt for the wood to be filled for a smooth surface or left unfilled to accentuate the natural knots and grain of the timber.

And that’s before we even get on to choosing the right size!  Two widths and seven different lengths complete the menu of bespoke choices.  All of which might sound a bit daunting, but is actually very straightforward.

On their website, the Designed by You tables ordering page is clear and informative and takes you through the process of designing your own dining table in simple steps.  You see a little visual mock-up of your table as you design it, the and you can easily change your choices at any stage.

Above:  Heal’s Prague Dining Table with natural wavy edge

If you’re thinking one of these might be your perfect dining table, there are also matching dining benches in the range.  Just one (in your bespoke size) can be great space saver in a small kitchen or dining room. Or you might go for a complete set of dining table and two benches.

Finally, just to mention that at the time of writing (July 2019) the Heal’s summer sale is on and there’s currently 20% off their Designed by You Dining Tables and Benches.  Maybe this was just the right time to finally write about them after all.

Images: Heal’s

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