The Cooks Oak Table by Heal’s has been voted by the public as No. 1 of the Heal’s 100 – “a showcase of One Hundred Design Icons that Heal’s have sold, past and present”.
I can quite understand why, too. I fell absolutely head over heels in love with the Cooks Oak Table when I first saw it, so can quite understand how it made it to the impressive top spot.
What’s amazing about this result, though, is that not only was the Cooks Oak Table designed just a year ago, in 2016, but that it was up against a whole clutch of classic and iconic designs.  Pieces that are instantly recognisable such as the Eames Lounge Chair (designed 1956), the Arco Floor Light (1962) and the Isokon Penguin Doney (1935).

I’m sure the Heal’s in-house design team were pretty chuffed at the result and so they should be.  You’ll have to take my word for it, but the Cooks Oak Table really is beautiful – to look at and to touch.  

When I saw it instore, I spent a lot of time stroking the solid oak, admiring the beautiful joints, and opening and closing the impeccably crafted drawers – six in all, and nice and roomy too.

There’s also a hanging rail at each end, for tea cloths, kitchen towels or even utentils hung on hooks.


As you can see, Heal’s have taken the traditional shape and proportions of the classic kitchen table and given it their own distinctive makeover with clean contemporay lines.  

They’ve also added a modern twist by offering a choice of materials for the table top.  There’s traditional solid oak to match the legs, classic Carrara marble (pictured above) or contemporay concrete (below).

How to choose?  They all look fantastic in their own way, although each one adds its own individual character.  I think I’d go for the marble as I particularly that mix of materials.  Although the concrete is in second place, with its contemporary, industrial edginess.  Either would be useful and practical surfaces for food preparation as well as for dining off. 
Mind you, this is all (of course) fantasy stuff, as we don’t need a kitchen/dining table.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s not exactly cheap?  But you probably already guessed that.
That said, the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship involved are superb (you don’t get voted No. 1 otherwise) so the price tag in this instance is more than justified. 
Find more details at – and in case you’re interested, the Heal’s summer has started, with 15% off the Cooks Table, and up to 40% off many, many more covetable pieces of modern, iconic design.

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