Morfus modular furniture for contemporary small spacesThis customisable, modular, contemporary furniture from UK brand Morfus was one of our recent Friday 5 picks, featuring things we found and loved at Clerkenwell Design Week.

What initially drew me to it across the crowded show floor was, of course, the colours – a soft, yet bold, contemporary palette.  At first glance the furniture looked very simple.  But on further inspection its cleverness became obvious.


What makes Morfus furniture so different, and so versatile?  Well, it’s that the various modules fit together both horizontally and vertically using a neat, interlocking design.  Which allows them to be endlessly reconfigured and adapted.  They “morf” – to suit your changing needs.

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I saw modules that were arranged as low sideboard arrangements, high shelving units, and lots inbetween.  Some shelves were open, whilst elsewhere coloured panels revealed themselves as either hinged doors or pull-out drawers.

Morfus say:

Morfus® is a beautifully engineered interlocking birch plywood display and storage system for the home and office. It comes in many different compatible modules, accessories and colours making it endlessly adaptable to suit your space and your needs.

The plywood honeycomb structure means Morfus is a stronger, lighter, and smarter solution than almost anything else on the market. Striving for sustainability in everything it does Morfus is a product for life with a balanced carbon footprint.

The interlocking furniture system is innovative, manufactured to the highest quality and easily assembled. And this is a reflection of a passion, craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to customer service and SMART design.

I also discovered what makes Morfus contemporary furniture “SMART”:

S = Sustainable: all CO2 emmissions in the manufacture and distribution of the furniture are calculated, and then trees are planted in Cumbria under the UK Carbon Code Project that sequester at least this same quantity of CO2.

M = Modular: designed specifically to fit standard book and archiving sizes, Morfus furniture is designed and engineered to give you almost limitless permutations to suit your exact requirements.

A = Adaptable: the basic framework is customisable with doors, drawers, pull-out boxes and shelves to match your colour scheme. It’s also reconfigurable – to “morf”  to meet your changing needs e.g.  a low media unit can be reconfigured into a tall storage and shelving unit.

R= Robust:  Morfus furniture is built to last and grow with you.  Engineered from 18mm high quality birch plywood with a factory applied melamine finish, it’s designed to be tough and resilient.

T= Timeless:  the simple, clean lines of the Morfus furniture system, along with the natural and tactile qualities of birch plywood and white melamine,  are utterly contemporary and yet timeless.

Now that I’ve found Morfus, I really wish we had need of storage right now.  It would definitely be top of my list and I’ve mentally stored it away for future projects.  It can be used absolutely anywhere in the home for so many storage and display purposes.  Think bookcases, shelving, sideboards, home office filing, TV units, toy storage, hallway storage, kitchen units.  The list is endless.

Morfus Office 560As I’ll have to make do with living vicariously for the time being, I’ve just recommended it to a friend who is refurbishing her home office, and who has a kitchen/diner renovation project coming soon too.

I think the Morfus system would work beautifully in a kitchen.  Aside from the different size modules to choose from (450mm, 600mm and 750mm wide) they can also be floor mounted, wall mounted, or mounted on legs or casters.  It would be so much fun mixing Morfus modules in with more conventional kitchen units, fixtures and fittings.

Sylvi Sideboard Single Wheel Unit Red 560

As you know, we’ve been writing about the increasing number of designers coming up with versatile, contemporary furniture for small living spaces and modern lifestyles.  Morfus have got this absolutely nailed (as it were).  They say:

The modules have been carefully designed to maximize the storage capacity of large and small spaces alike [and] can be endlessly reconfigured and adapted to suit changing needs, with a range of pull out doors, drawers and accessories that allow you to personalise each unit.

If you’re interested in clever, contemporary furniture and adaptable storage that will last you a lifetime you can find more information about the Morfus range on their website –

Images:  Morfus

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