Today we’re looking at contemporary bottle vases.  If you’re a flower fan you probably won’t have missed that the internet is awash with inspirational pictures of single blooms, branches and leaves.

The easiest way achieve that kind of pared back, ikebana-style effect is to use a vase with a very narrow neck.  That way your single stem or branch rests snugly in the narrow opening and won’t roll around or need any other type of support or securing.

Sounds so obvious, doesn’t it?  I have to admit that it took me far too many failed attempts at flower arranging before I realised that the shape of the vase was absolutely critical to success.  And totally determined the final outcome.  Duh. (I know).

But back to bottle vases.  I’m not talking about the kind of small bud vases that are traditionally used for  single stems.  They’re lovely, of course, and very useful for single buds or delicate small flowerheads on short stems.

Pink Blush Glaze Vases, Cox and Cox

No, today it’s all about very contemporary bottle vases.  Medium to large vases in glass or ceramic with a narrow neck just like a, well, bottle.  See, I finally learned their proper name.

And they’ve become a firm favourite of mine.  Firstly because you can take a single stem (or possibly just two or three) and create a truly stunning display in no time at all.

And secondly because I love the striking silhouettes of bottle vases  Equally lovely when empty, they make brilliant ornaments. Unlike more utilitarian vases which are best hidden away when not in use and can take up far too much precious storage space.

Scandi Stone Tall Vase, John Lewis


Right now a large, contemporary bottle vase is just perfect for branches of delicate Spring blossoms.  Then as the year progresses, any kind of tall, sculptural bloom or foliage will work.

I have agapanthus and crocosmia in the garden, and love to use their tall stems in a bottle neck vase later on in the season.  I’m excitedly planning to grow more flowers for cutting this year, and hopefully will bring you news of that project in future posts.

So here’s my round up of some very beautiful and useful contemporary bottle vases for your Spring blossoms and blooms – and the rest of the year too.

Tuscan Vase in White, Brissi

Blue Dots Vase, Cox and Cox

Gilded Vases, Anthropologie

Dartington Crystal Aquilegia Bottle Vase, John Lewis


Recycled Grey Vase, Cox and Cox

Handmade Porcelain Bottles, Linda Bloomfield at NOTHS

Bottle Vases, Habitat

Light Bottle, Couverture and the Garbstore

Halla Earthenware Vases, MADE

Monochrome Vase, Cox and Cox

Jonah Grey Drip Bottle Vase, House of Fraser

HemingwayDesign for Royal Doulton Vase, Medium, John Lewis

I hope you’ve enjoyed the collection of contemporary bottle vases I found – happy arranging.

Images: brands and retailers as above


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