I love the word ‘pouffe’.  It has such a silly and frivolous ring to it, don’t you think?   Which is ironic, because the thing itself is actually very sensible and immensely useful.  I used to think that pouffe was just a widely used, common name for this particular piece of furniture, but no.  That really is its actual name.  Although when I was a child, the name for a pouffe in our house (in Nottingham) was a ‘tuffet’.  Is that name still around, does anyone know?

Ridiculous name(s) aside, why are pouffes so great?  Firstly, hands down the pouffe has to be one of the most decorative multitaskers of the interiors world.  You can use a pouffe as an extra seat, a footstool, or a coffee or side table.  Secondly, you can have huge amounts of fun with them.  You don’t have to be angsty about this type of purchase.  Not like when you’re considering a major investment in, say, a sofa where you might decide to play it safe with your style choices.

A pouffe is the kind of home accessory where you can throw caution to the winds, and indulge your passion for colour and pattern.  Buy one in a bright velvet or bold pattern and enjoy the way it provides a brilliant accent or finishing touch to a room.

In line with the current trend for modern maximalism, I have found some gorgeous, colourful, contemporary pouffes.  They’re bright, bold and very stylish indeed.  Far too beautiful to put your feet on, in fact.  So go ahead, get playful with a pouffe…

6 of the best colourful, contemporary pouffes

Hetherington Brass Base Pouffes, in Leaf Print above and opulent velvet below.  Both are available in large and small sizes. We love!

Maddox Geo Pouffe, available in blue or grey.

Luxurious Velvet Pouffes in delectable colours. (Cat not included).

Cylindrical pouffes by Missoni Home: above, Siberia Pouf and below, Kew ZigZag Pouf

Go boho with the Trinx Multi Pouffe

The buttoned Hampton Collection includes the round storage velvet pouffe above, and these chic square pouffes below in velvet or linen mix fabric.

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