Photobox Pantone Photobooks in pastel colours displayed against turquoise wall with palm frontI’m so happy to have discovered these new, colourful Pantone Photobooks from Photobox.  It’s so easy these days to keep all our photos on electronic devices or post them online.  Which, of course, is the ultimate in convenience – I absolutely love it.  But it’s also really special to have actual, physical prints of our most treasured moments – either to frame or to store in albums for leafing through and reliving special memories.

Putting together an old-school photograph album is fun, but how many of us enthusiastically start adding our photos to the blank pages only to leave the project half-finished?  Guilty as charged.

Cue the convenience of digital technology again – photobooks.  Which, admittedly, have been around a while now but they just keep getting better and better, with increased choice in size, format and quality.

Brightly coloured Pantone Photobooks from Photobox against a cobalt blue wallPantone Photobooks in pastel shades of lilac, pink and blueAnd these new, bright (or pastel!) Pantone Photobooks are both creative and practical, as well as colourful.  You can choose your cover Pantone colour to match your subject – blue for a seaside holiday, orange for a tropical adventure, red for a ruby anniversary are fairly obvious links that instantly spring to mind.

Blue Pantone Photobook on blue and white striped deckchair on pebble beach

But we can also express our own personal relationship with colour by selecting the hue that means something to us – or the person we’ve creating the book for.

Bright blue Pantone Photobook with New York title and picture of smiling coupleI love the Photobox Pantone Photobook concept – “1 Book, 1 Story, 1 Colour”.  You can create different albums for holidays, trips, or occasions and choose the colour that matches the memories.

On a practical note the coloured cover becomes an instant archiving tool – no more hunting to find the right album, they’re already colour coded for easy recognition.

Coloured Photobox Pantone Photobooks on desk with coloured polaroids on wall behindStack of Photobox Pantone Photobooks with blue, green, orange and yellow covers

Close up of opened hardback Pantone Photobook with blue pages and imagesIf, like me, you’re visual and creative but not artistic (I can’t paint or draw to save my life) then collating, editing and cropping images for photobooks or inspiration boards is a huge pleasure.  Digital magic to the rescue again, as we get to play with colour, line, form and proportion to create beautiful and visually pleasing layouts.

So if you’ve never put together a photobook before, maybe this summer’s activities could give you the material for a creative project for yourself, plus you’ll capture some precious memories into the bargain.

Brightly coloured Photobox Pantone Photobooks ranged on white shelves with fun coloured cactiPhotobooks can also be ideal gift solutions.  They’re lovely presents to receive and it’s great fun putting one together for a present.  And choosing someone’s favourite colour for the cover makes the present even more personal – I’ve already got a bit of a list started.

Photobox is a big hit in our house – it’s incredibly intuitive and simple to use, excellent value for money and the service is great. (They often have amazing price deals too).  Our first purchase from them was a very large poster-size print of a black and white photograph that Ron took in Monument Valley last year.  It was a bit of an experiment as we didn’t know what the quality would be like for such a large format print, but it was absolutely perfect so we framed it for the wall as a wonderful reminder of a very special trip.

And now I can’t wait to put together some Photobox Pantone Photobooks. We’re off to Sicily in September – I wonder what colour that holiday will be?

Images: Photobox

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