Memoir Lighting Collection of table lamp, wall light and pendant light in black and brassThe Memoir Lighting Collection is an exciting new collaboration between online furniture retailers MADE and award-winning light bulb designers Plumen – we previously wrote about the latter when I took part in their crowdfunding for the original Plumen 002 light bulb.

Not surprisingly, given Plumen’s zeal to reinvent and beautify the humble light bulb, things have moved on apace since then.  The original Plumen 002 has been updated to a more functional dimmable LED version, but keeping the same beautiful, sculptural, flowing lines.  And there are lots more exciting developments afoot for the company – of which more later.

The Memoir Lighting Collection

Black and brass wall light from Memoir Lighting Collection by Plumen x

In line with Plumen’s mission to create light bulbs that are beautiful in their own right, the Memoir Lighting Collection from MADE has been specially designed to display the curvaceous shape of the Plumen 002 Dimmable LED bulb to full effect.  (One of these bulbs is included when you buy any of the lamps, which is a nice bonus.)

There’s a very refined wall light, a ceiling pendant light and a table lamp in the Memoir Collection, and I’m loving the sleek and sophisticated combination of black and polished brass along with the slightly retro look.  Close up detail of Memoir Lighting  Collection showing black mesh shade and polished brass fittings

Ceiling Pendat Lamp from Memoir Lighting Collection with Plumen 002 LED bulb illuminatedIt’s a clever and versatile range that will easily fit into many different interior schemes – the pendant version would look just stunning, wouldn’t it, hung in a series over a kitchen island or dining table?

Two Memoir Pendant Lights showing Plumen 002 LED bulb on and off

The angled, conical shade itself is made from perforated metal sheet in black, which allows you to see the shape of the Plumen 002 LED bulb whether the light is on or off.  When it is illuminated, the soft light slips through the tiny holes to create an attractive “fade and blur” effect on nearby surfaces.

Black and brass Memoir Table Lamp on bedside table beside black bed

The Memoir Lighting Collection is Plumen’s second collaboration with MADE, inspired, they say, by their “shared passion for good, affordable design”.  And it seems the feeling is mutual, as Beatriz Nuno, MADE Studio Product Designer explains:

Working with a design-led technology brand like Plumen allowed us to incorporate their new LED bulb, the Plumen 002 – it’s energy efficient and really complements the collection. Collaborating with such an innovative brand allows us to expand our range and introduce more original and exciting design. That’s what MADE.COM is all about.

So, what’s next for Plumen?  They’re currently seeking crowdfunding for the next stage of their development which includes some gorgeous looking LED filament bulbs, the very intriguing (and still rather secret) Plumen 003 which will be launched later this year, plus a revolutionary range of smart bulbs for 2017.   It all sounds amazing, you can out more on the Plumen website, and I’m off to continue my (small) contribution to the lighting revolution by joining their Crowdcube campaign.

Table Lamp from Memoir Lighting Collection next to ornaments

I’m very tempted by one of the lamps from the Plumen x MADE Memoir Collection too.  I think the desk lamp would look very handsome indeed on my much-admired Fonteyn desk, that I also bought from MADE back when they were just starting out .  How about you, do you have a favourite?

Images: Plumen, MADE

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