Ever walked around a shop and realised that all the things you like the most are by the same brand?  (Possibly one you’d never even heard of before?)  That’s what happened to me recently when I discovered these gorgeous rugs made by Linie Design in Heal’s.

(Why exactly I was spending so much time looking at rugs when we don’t actually need one is a whole other story.  Which involves fantasy interior decorating my fantasy house.  Which has lots of beautiful bare wooden floors…  But that’s for another time.  Maybe).

Anyway, amongst the large selection on display in the rug department, just about every rug I picked out to look at more closely was by the same brand – ‘Linie Design’.  Time to find out more, I thought, and I was so glad I did.

Because with this Danish design company, you don’t just get beautiful rugs at very reasonable prices (see, my fantasy interiors shopping isn’t completely unrealistic).  You get a lot of other very good things indeed.

To start with the obvious, though, first there’s the cool, understated Scandi aesthetic created by acknowledged Scandinavian designers.  You can choose from stripes, graphic motifs, subtle abstract patterns, luxurious plains and classic rug motifs, all realised in a wonderful palette of contemporary colours.

Then there’s the expert craftsmanship, as all of their rugs are handmade by skilled Indian artisans utilising a range of weaving techniques along with traditional and modern fibres.

As Linie Design say on their website:

First of all, beautiful things obsess us. Nordic roots define our design thinking. Quality and aesthetic simplicity are fundamentals for everything we do, and constantly we explore new materials, methods, patterns and ideas.


These are the things that drew me to Linie Design rugs in the first place – the colours and patterns, the textures, the craftsmanship.  What isn’t so immediately obvious, though, is the company’s commitment to ethical and fair trade practices.  Which, it has to be said, have been notoriously lacking in the carpet trade in the past.

Amongst other things, this commitment includes: absolutely no use of child labour in any of their supply chain, fair and clear contracts for workers, anti-discrimination policies, safe and healthy working conditions and being environmentally responsible.

Linie Design are also part of the international Care & Fair scheme.  Its mission is to improve the working and living conditions of craftsmen in the carpet trade in India, Nepal and Pakistan.  This extends to workers’ families, too, and provides education for both adults and children.  Since 2008 Linie Design have fully sponsored a school for 350 pupils, saying:  “This way, we give the next generation a safer future”.


I think lots of us want to consume more responsibly. So, for me, discovering a brand like Linie Design that brings together the best of all worlds makes me very happy.  Even when (for the moment) it’s only fantasy shopping.

Linie Design don’t sell direct to the public, but you can find a wide selection of their rugs at Heal’s, both online and instore.

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