newberg-560It’s that time of the year again … yes, time to take stock of your homewares to make sure all is in order for the festive season ahead.

If you’re needing to spruce (sorry!) up your Christmas table and don’t want to blow the budget, how about this luscious combination of matt gold cutlery and turquoise stoneware?

nara-stoneware-with-newberg-matt-gold-cutleryTheir rich tones have echoes of traditional, Oriental opulence, but the clean lines and simplicity of this contemporary tableware are utterly modern.

Combine with a simple palette of white and grey, with maybe a dash of mid-century mustard yellow thrown in, or the dark, muted jewel shades of the tumblers below and you’ve got yourself a really sophisticated feast of colour.

I can just see this combination on the festive table along with some white candles and simple fronds of seasonal greenery.

newberg-cutlery-on-turquoise-clothThe Newberg Cutlery Set  has been created for MADE by one of Italy’s top manufacturers, who use time-honoured techniques to give this rich golden matt finish to the weighty stainless steel pieces.

dwrnwb001zgo-uk_newberg_16_piece_cutlery_set_matt_gold_finish_lb03Luxurious as it looks, the Newberg cutlery is hard-wearing and practical enough to be used every day and (most importantly) is dishwasher safe.  That means no fighting over who’ll do the washing up after  Christmas lunch, and more time for eating Quality Street in front of a good film going out for a lovely, bracing walk.

nara-stoneware-setIt’s no secret I’m a sucker for all things turquoise, so the Nara 12-piece Stoneware Set is firmly in my sights.  Made in Portugal, its speckled glaze has a beautiful artisanal quality, but again it’s tough enough for everyday use and is microwave and dishwasher proof.

dark-tonal-glass-tumblersAnd to round off your collection of festive, contemporary tableware, how about the Eve Muted Tonal Dark Glass Tumblers?  I love the rich, dark tones which are absolutely perfect for winter feasting and they look beautiful set against the simple white, marble table above, don’t they?  Cheers!

Images: MADE

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