Happy days, summer has arrived!  And so has this third and final post in my outdoor living mini-series in collaboration with MADE.  Today we’re looking at stylish, contemporary garden accessories and tools.  And it’s just possible I may have saved the best for last.

I hope you found lots of inspiration in the first two posts.  Did you discover your perfect colourful outdoor furniture?  (If not, don’t panic, there’s still a great choice available).

Or maybe you used some of my tips on outdoor rooms to create your own informal, relaxing outdoor haven.

Colourful, contemporary garden accessories

Today, then, it’s all about the finishing touches.  Colourful, contemporary garden accessories that allow you to stamp your personal style on your outdoor space.

Remember I said that the ideal outdoor room has all the comfort and style of your living room – but outside?  MADE have got it all covered, with practical yet super stylish garden accessories so you can enjoy effortless outdoor living all summer long.

Lush greenery is at the heart of a truly relaxing outdoor space so let’s start with planters.  You don’t need a huge number of plants, but even a small, carefully considered collection of greenery will transform your garden, patio or balcony.

Just like decorating an indoor space, think about balance and proportion and try to get a mix of tall, medium and small plants.  That goes for pots and planters too, and coming up is a brilliant selection to help you create a stunning display.

Contemporary planters for outdoor spaces big & small

Bright and beautiful statement pots simply need some minimal greenery for real wow factor.  More understated planters work well if you want to add colour with flowering plants.  (That said, they’ll still look stunning filled with lush foliage).

Short on space?  No problem, there are hanging planters and beautiful, contemporary window boxes too.

MADE describe the minimal Razan collection of planters and window boxes as “classic yet contemporary”.  I couldn’t agree more.  These black, zinc plated iron planters are timeless and will work in any outdoor space.  Use them alone or as a useful ‘grounding’ element mixed in with other styles of pots.

Celebrating the beauty of terrazzo, the pared-back yet colourful Savannah Collection is probably my favourite.  (The green flecks coms from recycled Heineken bottles!).  Conical and square planters create a striking contemporary statement, and the window box could also double up as a low planter.

Use this set of two Boa plant pots to add punches of contemporary colour and graphic pattern.

‘Go vertical’ is the mantra for all small spaces, and that includes outdoors too.  Above, from top to bottom: Boa Hanging Pots, Akela Hanging Planters.

Contemporary hurricane lanterns for a cosy glow

It’s hard to beat sitting outdoors on a warm summer’s evening surrounded by softly glowing lights as the shadows lengthen.  Candles create a particularly magical, relaxing atmosphere – but it’s important that you protect the flames.

So these contemporary hurricane lanterns are ideal for safe and fuss-free outdoor lighting.  And during the daytime, they’re the perfect decorative outdoor accessories to add extra interest to your outside space.

Clockwise from top:  Kala Collection, Braden Collection, Japonica Bamboo Hurricane Lantern

Above:  Jordie Hurricane Lantern

Colourful contemporary outdoor accessories & tools

Finally, here’s my pick of MADE’s colourful outdoor accessories, from cushions to birdboxes via outdoor tableware.

Above top:  Colourful  outdoor tableware from the Anani Collection. Lounge outdoors in comfort; the Iggy Collection includes outdoor cushions and beach towel, above and the weatherproof Bean Bag Chair, below.

Roost Hanging Bird Boxes

And not forgetting some very practical, yet very decorative, garden tools to keep your outdoor space in great shape.  I love that they’re so chic and colourful.  No need to hide them away, you can easily display them as part of your contemporary outdoor room decor.  Which is a double bonus if you’re short on storage space.

Wren Watering Can in Brass

Hedley Garden Tool Set

Another bonus is that the MADE Summer Sale starts on 18 June.  There’ll be bargains galore, so do put a note in your diary.

Well, that’s it for today’s round up of colourful, contemporary garden accessories.  I hope you found some you like and that you’re all set for a great summer of outdoor living.  Have fun!

Posted in collaboration with MADE.  All views, as ever, my own.

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