alana_brass_valet_560What happens to your clothes when you take them off at night?  Not the items that go straight into the laundry basket, the ones that aren’t dirty enough to wash?  I’m ashamed to say mine end up in a pile on the blanket chest at the foot of the bed.  And boy, does that pile sometimes get huge.

I’m always looking for an alternative way of dealing with these items of clothing, but putting them back into the wardrobe just doesn’t feel right.  At least not until they’ve aired out a bit.  So maybe I’ve just found the answer, in the shape of the Alana Valet stand.

alana_brass-valet-560Designed by MADE as part of their collaboration with Livingetc magazine, the Alana Valet really is highly practical.  Unlike many valet stands, which only have room for a few items of clothing, the Alana Valet has a nice roomy hanging rail plus a fabulous full length mirror (that pivots to allow full inspection from head to toe).

alana_brass_valet_lb04You could easily have half a dozen clothes hangers here, either for those aforementioned items that aren’t for the wash/wardrobe, or to hold an outfit you’re putting together for a future occasion.  I’d love to think I could be one of those people who lay (or hang) out their outfit for the next day the night before, complete with shoes and accessories but I really don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

alana_brass_valet_lb07Talking of accessories, no valet stand would be complete without the traditional trays for money, keys, jewellery, sunglasses etc and the Alana has two of them to store all your bits and pieces and keep them safely to hand.

So, maybe if I had the Alana Valet it would inspire me to be more organised and plan ahead.  On reflection, who am I kidding?  But it would make me feel more organised in the present, I’m convinced.  I’ve realised that the real problem is that the clothes that accumulate at the end of the bed end up in a messy pile.  If they were already hanging neatly, putting them away wouldn’t be the chore it feels now.

So, the contemporary, brass Alana Valet would be a beautiful and practical addition to any bedroom or dressing room.  Or hallway, even.  It also comes in copper, but brass, with its warm, golden glow, is my favourite of the contemporary metallics.   And if you wanted to really make your bedroom gleam with glamour, the Alana Collection includes beds, tables and mirrors too.

Images: MADE




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