Easter traditionally kicks off the DIY and gardening seasons, even if the weather isn’t always very springlike.  Luckily, you can create a big impact in your living space, inside and out, without embarking on major projects.  Small changes can result in surprisingly big improvements.  Make a few inexpensive purchases, or rearrange existing furnishings and accessories, and it can feel like you’ve got a whole new home.

We actually did repaint our bedroom over the Easter weekend, but now that is out of the way the fun part has begun.  I’m swapping in pictures and accessories from other parts of the house (it’s amazing how fresh they look in a different setting) and making a shopping list for a couple of new items.

I read a couple of posts recently about Spring colours for your home and quick and easy Spring updates on the Not on The High Street blog.   They conveniently stock so many of our favourite contemporary designers all on the one site, and their five suggestions for an inexpensive Spring refresh are tried and tested and really work.  I’ll definitely be applying some of them to our new bedroom – and the rest of the house:

5 quick and easy Spring updates for your home

1.  “Change your cushion covers – simple but effective”.  Choose cheerful brights or softer pastel hues – linen is the perfect fabric for a relaxed spring and summer look.


Reversible Linen Cushion by Miafleur

2.  “Use favourite prints to create a gallery wall – mix prints with photos for a more personal feel”.  I’m constantly moving pictures around the house – I love how I look at them with fresh eyes once they’re in their new position.  I’m also planning to use some of these see-through frames with brass surrounds to frame art postcards and some pressed leaves and flowers collected on holiday last year to create wall art with very special memories.

Hanging Brass or Silver Frames

3.  “Make a feature of your lighting”.  A new lampshade can refresh an old fitting and add real wow factor to a room.  A new, simple drum lampshade is on my shopping list.  Still debating patterned or plain though.


Agra Lampshade by Sian Elin (take a look at her gorgeous textiles and wallpapers too).

4.  “Introduce plants to add life and texture”.  Succulents have been all the rage recently and are blissfully easy-care, but apparently the old-school Swiss Cheese plant is the indoor plant to have for 2016.  Or maybe that was last month already …


Concrete Geometric Planters

5.  A strategically placed mirror can really bring light into a room and make it appear more spacious”.  As well as bouncing light around and brightening small spaces and dark corners a striking mirror will also create a feature in its own right.


We love the Portbou Mirror by The Forest & Co

Are you planning any changes to your home this Spring, big or small?  Join in the comments below and let us know.

Images: Not on the High Street


  1. Helen

    My pleasure – they’re such gorgeous colours and make me smile so much!